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Our belief is that time tracking is both foundational and complex enough to the way organizations function, that the best is required.

TSheets does timesheets right, striking the perfect balance between clunky, corporate systems with sub-par service, and small-scale, second-rate applications built in someone's garage with all bark and no bite.

Managing your most vital asset — your employee's time — is a top priority, whether you are a small business or run a large international organization. TSheets is a time tracking application that replaces paper and obsolete timesheets with a more accurate, mobile and flexible solution. We strive to empower business leaders with a better way to track, manage and report employee time. Our business philosophy: simplify time tracking with easy-to-use technology that works seamlessly and flexibly for everyone, from IT and HR departments to end-user employees.

Founded in 2006 and now headquartered out of a view-worthy riverfront office building in Eagle, Idaho, TSheets serves entrepreneurs and corporations across the globe. Businesses of all shapes and sizes utilize our service to manage and maintain accurate time keeping records, and save on overall payroll costs across the board.

TSheets is the brainchild of Matt Rissell, CEO, and Brandon Zehm, chief programmer. While on a quest at his prior organization for easy-to-use, effective and accurate time tracking software, Matt met Brandon. The fortuitous combination of Matt's business acumen with Brandon's extraordinary programming background led to the creation of the breakthrough application known as TSheets.

With a dream team of developers and account managers, TSheets continues to expand and improve the capabilities of time tracking, labor management and reporting through our interface. TSheets is home to a staff of motivated and passionate individuals with wide-ranging experience—from self-employed business owners, to US government contractors.

Matt Rissell

Cofounder and CEO

As a seasoned entrepreneur and aggressive-growth business leader, TSheets is Matt's sixth start-up venture. He is passionate about helping others achieve individual and corporate success and often travels nationally to speak at industry and Internet conferences on leadership, entrepreneurship and sales. He is a native of Colorado, and when he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his three children and his Weimaraner — bird hunting, bow hunting, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful mountains in Idaho.

Brandon Zehm

Cofounder and CTO

Brandon is a brilliant software architect and the brains behind the technology at TSheets. He has been offered massive compensation packages from the who's who of US tech companies, but has a die-hard entrepreneurial spirit, thirst for adventure, and adrenaline junkie attitude that keep him focused on building TSheets. Brandon maintains a legion of loyal Linux/PHP followers due to the popularity of past apps he's developed along with his willingness to give away the code for free. Brandon gets his adrenaline fix from hard-core hobbies like cave exploring, skydiving, and climbing every mountain that whispers his name.

Jennifer Hetherington

Vice President of Marketing

Jennifer is an innovative marketing leader with more than ten years experience including eCommerce, B2C, and B2B. With a Master's in Social Psychology, Jennifer has a heart for people and a track record of developing and leading high performance marketing teams. Once a true Southern Belle, Jennifer has found that a feast of cornbread, turnip greens, black eyed peas, and ham steaks is enough to bring a family together. Outside the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband, 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter. You’ll find her hitting the weights at the gym and running the occasional 5K race, usually in support of a great cause.

Zena Brand

Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships

Zena has a "Passion for Products and Partnerships". She specializes in developing relationships with Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies to drive business growth through better market understanding, productive partnerships and developing products that people love. Prior to pursuing her dream to build a consulting organization, Zena was SVP, Product Strategy for ADP Employer Services. She led development of two partnerships with SAP AG and the highly successful product launch of GlobalView®, ADP's multinational HR/Payroll solution. She managed product in 12 countries to increase sales and client retention, contributing to doubling the International division revenues in 6 years to $1B. In one five-year period, Zena and her team launched 12 new products - all of which achieved significant commercial success. Zena has an MBA in IT and a BA in Economics. She can be found at baseball games watching her 16 year-old son pitch, hiking with the German Shepherds you often hear on calls and trying to manage her horse showing habit.

Matt Newbill

Chief of Customer Defense

Matt is a consummate professional. In both his personal and business life, loves to win — and has inevitably learned to really enjoy it. Matt brings a rare, balanced blend of right brain/left brain to the team. Blending creativity with logic, he focuses this mix on enhancing the user experience of TSheets. When not making TSheets pretty and intuitive, you'll often find him standing at the top of the podium at a professional cycling event, Nordic ski racing, or relentlessly training.

Amy Bailey

Vice President of Finance

Smooth operator. Responsible for all finance, human resource and building operations at TSheets, Amy is a proud Idaho Vandal who spent 8 years in public accounting with Coopers & Lybrand, and more than 20 years with both public and private, high-growth, technology companies like Extended Systems, ProClarity, Microsoft and Silverback. Her key role here is to make the entire enterprise run smoothly, so our crew can stay hyper-focused on helping our customers journey into greatness. An original tomboy who grew up with three brothers, Amy loves to stay active. She road and mountain bikes, crushes at tennis, plus cooks and bakes like a champ—the ultimate way to get back those lost calories. She has two kids and lives with her husband and English Mastiff named Scout in a still-being-renovated North End home.

J.D. Mullin

Vice President of Engineering

Head in the clouds? In the case and career of J.D. Mullin, most definitely. A software architect and development expert with 15+ years of experience in the field, J.D. previously worked for WhiteCloud Analytics and Sybase. He loves leading the charge in the expansive realm of cloud-based technology—and lending his elite experience to rocket launch Idaho-based software companies. Now behind the scenes of our iPhone and Android apps plus other innovative initiatives, J.D. also speaks at BSU and created a program called CS Extras that helps students interact with industry professionals. A husband and father of two toddlers, he spends a majority of free time chasing them around, but enjoys camping, dirt biking and brewing beer too.

Jared Cheney

Senior Software Engineer

Early on, Jared realized that he excelled at bridging the gap between computers and the people who use them. His excruciating attention to detail, knack for automation, and mad programming skills eventually led him to web development. When it's warm outside, Jared spends free moments with his family surfing or boarding behind their Tige. When not on the water, Jared can be found hiking, camping, reading car repair manuals, or catching the newest comic book-turned-movie.

Paul Kreiner

Senior Software Engineer

After working at Hewlett-Packard right out of high school, Paul now finds up-and-coming organizations are more his style. He's spent the past decade at budding high-tech businesses, co-founding three tech start-ups in the process, with two still active. Paul loves tight-knit, high-performance code almost as much as he loves tight-knit, high-performance teams, which is why he's at TSheets. When not working, he spends time in the Idaho backcountry with his family — hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, caving and snowboarding — or if the weather's bad, in the garage restoring his Porsche 951.

Nate Mcintyre

Software Engineer

Nate has a passion for tech innovation and an entrepreneurial itch, making him the perfect fit for the software development team at TSheets. A data-minded strategic thinker interested in building solutions that last and that people love, he is always on the search for new ways to go the distance. He particularly enjoys diving into new technologies—as well as diving for lacrosse shots. Nate holds a B.S. in Information Technology from Western Governors University. In his spare time, he officiates youth, high school, and collegiate level lacrosse in the Treasure Valley area.

Bobby Barnett

Software Engineer

Bobby is keenly focused on finding the simple, elegant solution to any given problem—a trait that takes a well-rounded personality and education. Holding degrees in both Anthropology and Computer Science, he has the rare ability to focus on minute details while still keeping the big picture in mind. He stays balanced by enjoying the outdoors, especially on mountain and road bikes. He also loves adventure traveling, and has explored over 20 countries—from the ancient Khmer ruins around Angkor Wat, Cambodia, to the Resplendent Quetzal in the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Adding to his passion pursuits, he also plays upright bass and bass guitar, and is an avid photographer.

Katy Kahla

Software Engineer

Katy is drawn to computer science because it holds mystery and unlocks the potential to solve never–ending challenges and puzzles. Her industry experience includes working on automation testing for prototype server Solid State Drives. Katy recently received her degree in Computer Science from Boise State University, where she was recognized as a top student leader for her work as a resident assistant. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, kickboxing and camping. Katy also harbors a passion for travel—revelling in new places, new cultures and new people. She's toured Europe extensively, most recently going on a trip to Greece, collecting spoons the whole way.

Josh Tate

Software Engineer

Code breaker. Backroads wanderer. Josh Tate is a man for all seasons—geared to take on all software challenges with nothing more than an idea, a laptop and plenty of Mountain Dew. Coming to TSheets right after earning a BS in Computer Science at BSU, he is passionate about coding, which he views as a never-ending puzzle, waiting to be cracked. While going to college, he worked full-time at Boise Inc. as a commercial software developer and played full-time as a husband and dad of three. Always adventurous, he and his family love exploring Idaho and the Northwest. Pioneers of mini-vacations, their favorite thing to do is to get in the car and drive someplace new.

Steve Caminiti

Software Engineer

What’s the buzz? Just ask Steve, a software engineering mastermind at TSheets. He brings years of experience from big technology enterprises like Microsoft, ProClarity and Micron to the job, along with an entrepreneurial edge. He was the owner and engineer behind Wiseguys Software, developer of The College Football Guru app for iPhone and Windows mobile. A backyard beekeeper, chicken raiser and gardener, he digs powerful code that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. He lives in Boise with his three kids, and you can often catch him (if you can) on the Idaho trails hiking or dual sport motorcycle riding.

Greta Jensen

Interim Director of Customer Experience

Greta holds a B.S. in Psychology, which only partially explains her uncanny ability to listen, understand and communicate to clients with grace and aplomb. She has a passion for assisting people in any way she can, and lives by the motto that one kind word or action can make a difference in someone's day. After her TSheets clients are taken care of, Greta enjoys spending time with her husband and dog Bruno. She enjoys being outdoors, going to the dog park, exploring in the kitchen (yes, Bruno helps), and making the best out of every day.

Victoria Horn

Customer Experience Manager

With a decade-long passion for making movies—from music videos to documentaries, Victoria now utilizes her extensive filmmaking and communication skills to develop the tutorial and screencasting videos for TSheets. Three of her previous films have won awards at local festivals. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Political Science from Boise State University, and loves acting and baking almost as much as movie making.


Customer Experience Representative

Shayna, a recent graduate from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, holds a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric and Media Studies. With certifiable skills in communication and a deep-rooted passion to help businesses and people succeed, Shayna is constantly wowing our best customers! She has a winning streak and leadership tendencies in other arenas too. In her four years playing college basketball, three were as team captain. Blending a competitive personality with a laid-back attitude, she loves all sports, especially outdoor activities like running, hiking, and fishing. She also enjoys playing guitar in her limited free time, as well as experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Kristin Neumann

Customer Experience Representative

No customer service job demands more attention to patience, detail and steadfast good spirit than the restaurant and hospitality industry. Over the past 14 years, Kristin Neumann rose to the top of the space with serious kindness and skills, most recently as front of the house manager for Nectar Restaurant and Wine Bar in Moscow, Idaho. Now, she’s bringing her talent to TSheets, while continuing her education at the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Psychology. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys romping around outdoors with her two dogs, Atreyu and Falcor, spending the spring and summer in her garden, or seeing live music.

Heather Larson

Customer Experience Representative

A freshly–minted graduate from California State University–Chico, Heather holds a B.F.A. with an emphasis in painting. She finds a creative way to approach any situation, no matter what is put in front of her path. She brings her talent for imaginative problem solving to TSheets, where she draws on her ability to illustrate a concept to make time tracking and management easy for anyone to understand. Beyond lending a helping hand to others in any way she can visualize, her passions include making artwork, gardening, cooking and baking.

Riley Zahm

Customer Experience Representative

A sports encyclopedia, Riley gets a thrill out of watching athletes compete at the top of their game. This fuels his inspiration for work and life. He strives for excellence in both arenas. Raised in Virginia Beach, he moved out west to study journalism and mass communications, and graduated from Boise State in 2010. Brought up in the Boy Scouts, where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, Riley grew to be a huge fan of the outdoors. Living in Idaho has unlocked statewide adventures and natural wonders, and you can find him fishing, hiking, camping and throwing down in epic snowball wars during the winter.

Elise Dubert

Customer Experience Representative

Meet Elise. A math-and-science-loving freak of nature. Dog trainer extraordinaire. And yogi adventurer. A multitasking lifelong learner, Elise brings a background in microbiology, canine coaching and flexible skills to TSheets. With a considerable gift for communication and problem solving, she specializes in making sense of it all. She practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis to keep a clear mind. She also maximizes her outdoor time - taking off to camp, hike, ski, snowshoe, canoe, fish and scuba dive whenever she can break away. Family, along with Sophia, her Miniature Australian Shepherd, mean the world to her. She’s currently training Sophia to understand sign language.

Violetta Smirnova

Customer Experience Representative

Smiles are her specialty. With a technical degree in dental assisting, Violetta is a people person most of all. Making customers happy is her true passion, and now her career path at TSheets. From large corporations to booming start-ups, from hospitality to call centers, Violetta has 9+ years of experience in customer service. Born in Luganks, Ukraine before moving to the U.S. when she was 11-years-old, Violetta loves traveling to this day. She and her family also enjoy the outdoors, heading out to the greenbelt, a trail or a camping spot any time they can make a go of it. Call her what you will - an exercise and dancing fiend, a music and art junkie, an experimental chef - and she'll always be happy to talk it up.

Haley Chamberlain

Customer Experience Representative

Off to a running start? That’s just the way Haley rolls. An avid runner always ready to rock at any starting line or start-up company, Haley gives people and organizations the right stuff to really take off. A born entrepreneur (and inborn rock star), she previously kicked off and ran her own online marketing business. A musician on the side, she also sings and drops a mean beat on the drums, plus other instruments. Her heart, always in the right place, is not on her sleeve, but on her diploma. She graduated from Boise Bible College with a degree in missions work, and loves to help others, above all. Married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two young ones, you can often catch her (if you can) on a Boise trail or nearby ski slope.

Janell Capener

Customer Experience Representative

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” That may be the last line of Casablanca, but it’s the start of any interaction with Janell, a black and white film fan. Previously a certified Nursing Assistant and a nanny, she cares for every living thing in every way humanly possible. From TSheets customers to squirrels (yes, squirrels—she volunteers to rescue them for Animals in Distress), she’s happy to help. Self-described as low-key, she loves the simple, and the good, things in life. Her world revolves around her faith, family, friends and dog Coco, as well as classic pursuits like walks, bike rides, books and music. She’s explored the wider world too, once serving a mission in Argentina.

Brianna Boland

Customer Experience Representative

Training comes second nature to Brianna. Previously a personal trainer, she now builds up brainpower and customer confidence at TSheets. It's mind over matter. She knows the combined force of creative thinking with real world performance. She went to the University of Idaho on a musical theatre scholarship, but fell in love with fitness after working for the campus recreation center, and switched majors the next year to exercise science and health. Now, no matter what, she knows how to connect the dots to show people the results they want in real time. She's also a globetrotter, but loves venturing out close to home too, from the farmers' market to fishing spots with her boyfriend and their mini Australian Shepherd.

Philip Alexander

Graphics, UI/UX Rockstar

Philip is a zealous graphic designer, front end developer, with a big-picture UX approach. With his multidimensional talents, he focuses on and advocates for the end user experience to be simple and beautiful. Philip has a knack for designing web-based software in way that makes everyone want to use it! His design is clean, and the workflows he fashions together are streamlined and intuitive for one and all. Because he often has trouble turning his brain off, Philip attends night classes at Boise State University. In the limited time he isn't working or studying, he enjoys loud foreign music, athletics, political consulting, and odd combinations of the three.

Lisa Wells

Graphic Designer

In design, she does not play softball, but that's exactly how she made it through the Savannah College of Art and Design, a university for creative careers. Hard–core competitive by nature, Lisa received a full scholarship for softball, and was the female athlete of the year her senior year. Now, she channels this pitch–on drive and precision into graphic design, a passion–based profession she's been honing for nearly a decade. Though she grew up in Chicago, she moved out west to Colorado after graduation, and then to Idaho in 2012. Lisa loves running, fitness, sports and Pinteresting of all sorts, especially when it involves traveling with her family, including her husband Jade and two young kids, Lee and Carter.

Jessie Speck

Marketing Programs Manager

Once described as a “networking ninja,” Jessie's positive energy and strength for visionary program implementation serve her well. With over 10 years of economic and business development experience in the tech and innovation space, she thrives on creative public relations and strategizing for the TSheets brand ecosystem. Jessie may or may not have an obsession with When she isn't in the office, Jessie enjoys singing karaoke, playing hockey, cooking, traveling and spending time with her Idaho man, Tim, and their brood of 6 (!) kids. A proud graduate of the University of Idaho, she holds a BS in Public Communication: Advertising with a double minor in Political Science and Music.

Jesse Cook

Digital Analyst and Marketing Specialist

This Cook knows his cookies. His expertise in the virtual world of digital advertising and analytics is real sweet stuff, and never half-baked. Jesse earned his degree in Business Marketing at Concordia University in Irvine, and keeps a keen eye on digital marketing trends. Originally from Washington, he is also passionate about the outdoors. From fly-fishing to hiking to playing basically any sport in season, he loves kicking it in nature. He doesn't consider his day complete without spotting some sort of wildlife.

Kelly Bistriceanu

Marketing Programs Manager

Originally from the Midwest, Kelly has now made the foothills of Idaho her "Idahome". Before she became a proud Army wife, and traded a four-letter surname to an 11-letter Romanian mouthful, she launched her career in marketing fueled by her passion for connecting with people and building relationships. In her life before TSheets, Kelly was the Chief Marketing Officer for a direct mail marketing firm. Two things about Kelly: she has this uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone she meets and she's an avid marathoner. Yes, in work and in life she goes the distance!

Jessica Holmes


With over seven years in advertising as a copywriter and PR director, Jessica Holmes combines an incisive blend of brand strategy and personality in every word she writes. After working with a wide range of clients from corporate giants to ambitious start-ups, Jessica applies her passion for marketing and the written word to give TSheets a standout voice that resonates in the marketplace. Jessica is also the co-founder, host and artistic/marketing director for Story Story Night, a popular live storytelling program in Boise. You can also see her latest fashion and other experiments at the blogs Cheep and Frivolous Universe.

Kelsie Medel

Social Media & SEO Pundit

Kelsie's driving personality inspired her to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a double major from Pfeiffer University in three years and hit the Property Management and Hospitality Industries hard. She and her active six year old son, Trey, are players and watchers of most every sport from water to alpine skiing, kayaking, biking, and hiking. Kelsie lives, and tries to stay warm, in the mountains of Idaho. Being a native of the potato state, might also explain why her love to travel and escape to warmer climate destinations with her family each winter.

Kim Alfreds


An entrepreneur and angel investor, Kim is someone who gets things done. After working in the accounting, finance and sales industries, he began founding companies in 1980, and in merely 20 years, achieved "overnight" success with an exciting venture exit. He excels at sales, marketing and creative problem solving, and also at sailing. In his spare time, you can find him on his yacht or racing multi-hulls.

George Gersema


While George has a passion for ranching and the cowboy lifestyle, don't be fooled — he is a political giant and a leading authority in the HR industry. He offers more than 25 years of experience in the industry, serving as a CEO of a multi-million dollar PEO company, board chairman for several HR related software companies, and a high-ranking political activist. With degrees in business and economics, he is a voracious reader, and can be heard around the office quoting complex financial journals in one breath, and John Wayne in the next.

At TSheets, we empower business leaders with the ultimate tool: control over time.

You live in a world of intuitive, flexible, touchable technology — where simplicity is king. We believe that even (and especially) a time-tracking app should brim with sex appeal. Because for a business to stay on track, employees need to use it. Even love it.

We build technology that fits the real world and that end users love. On both ends. For the IT staff, the employees in the field, the HR team, the CEO or president in charge, this is the business solution to solve labor management problems. We make business accountable to time: the ultimate productivity x-factor.

Behind our technology, lies the passion of our people. In business, in life and in several, sometimes insane, outdoor pursuits, we work hard and we live hard. We simply want the opportunity to do what we love. That includes racing road bikes, wake surfing, exploring caves, rock climbing, backpacking, traveling, fishing, hunting, sailing, creating spectacular time technology solutions, and then vacating the premises.

Take advantage of our 14 day free trial. You will love us because employees love us.TM