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TSheets has a history of hiring, developing, and retaining the best in the business, which is what makes TSheets so great.

About TSheets

What started as a few guys in a basement--er... several basements over time--as a tech startup, has transformed into a passion for saving the day for businesses everywhere (if you have encountered a caped superhero with a large red T that has been saving your business time and money--yep, that would be us!).

So how did our two guys in the basement, transform to the superhero role TSheets has today?

Good question. First, TSheets has always been forward-thinking with our product, striving to use cutting-edge technologies (the very first iPhone time tracking app, an Android app with GPS, dial-in capabilities in Spanish, texting your timesheet, tweeting your clock in/out times, and more) to help small businesses and up to major corporations stay relevant, save money and become even more efficient in their day-to-day time tracking, payroll, and invoicing processes.

Secondly, TSheets has always taken customer service seriously. From the beginning in those dark, thin-walled not-so-cool office space until today--emphasis has always been on providing the best customer service in the industry, unlimited and always FREE. Not just a goal, however, it's been and still is a promise: every phone call, every email, every interaction with TSheets will be the best customer service experience.

Third, who says a technology company has to be boring? While we set the highest expectations for our product and customer experience, we also know that few are compelled by an experience that makes you wanna snooze. So you may find TSheets a bit more more entertaining, a bit more "out of the box" and first in line to try a crazy guerrilla marketing stunt (or two).

All that to say, what started as a few lone TSheet-ers, has transformed into a team of smart, innovative, and fun-loving employees that are determined to engage your employees for accurate time tracking and save your business some time and money along the way.

Oh, we've quickly become the top rated app in the entire Intuit ecosystem but we also hope to become the #1 time tracker on the planet; nothing like a big, hairy and audacious goal along the way. ;-)

Victoria is a TSheets-for-lifer whose skills go well beyond the social marketing realm.

"Even if I won the lottery, I'd still work at TSheets"

-Victoria Horn, TSheets Digital Dynamo

TSheets Transformation Timeline

Learn about the major events in the history of TSheets that played a major role in the growth of the company.

This tale will be continued as TSheets provides a happily ever after for employees everywhere.

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