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It's the Holy Grail of Time Tracking!

— Debbe Peterson, Robinson Paints

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Support Team Is AWESOME


The customer service team is amazing. We signed up for 14 day trial & everyone (Victoria, Shayna, Riley, Heather) was VERY patient & helpful with all of my questions from live chat to phone calls. I find TSheets one of the few companies that has exceptional customer service consistently. We received extremely good customer service & didn't spend a dime. We signed up after trial period and continue to get the wonderful support. I feel like I know them since we have talked so much. Thank you TSheets customer service team.

Live Chat


I have found your live chat feature to be helpful in learning more about TSheets and in answering questions as they arise. The responses have been quick and informative.

Received Help


Shayna helped me with my TSheets. The time was wrong on it, and she was very helpful in getting my TSheets on the right time. She did a wonderful job and was willing to help me.

Helpful And Fast!


Thanks, Shayna! I needed help with a setting and you were quickly able to tell me how to fix it. We are in the trial phase of this software and I think we are going to like it! :-)

Absolutely Amazing Customer Service


As a new customer trying to learn the ins and outs of TSheets, Shayna and the customer service team have been utterly amazing. They answer all of my many questions with prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable responses along with giving me additional information that I would not know to even ask about! It is very comforting to know that you all are just a click or dial away. Thank you so much for all of your assistance as I navigate through your app.

Great Job Shayna!!


Shayna was very helpful with my problem and very polite. Fixed the issue with a :)

Shayna Was Great!


TSheets live chat is a great tool. Everyone I chat with is very informative and friendly. They answer questions fast and can help with anything you need.

Love The Live Chat


We've just started with TSheets and I really appreciate the live-chat built in. Shayna has been able to quickly answer several questions as we been getting our feet wet. Thanks Shayna!

A Great Business Tool That Saves Everyone Time


We are loving the increased data we get for "free" through TSheets, which we started using primarily to save the pain and extra cost of double manual time entry (our employees would manually fill out their time card and I would manually enter their data into Quickbooks). Payroll is so much quicker! I have better controls to evaluate where my employees are and what they are doing. It helps me get to billing more quickly. But, honestly, the very best part of TSheets is the amazing customer service. They answer questions intelligently and promptly and when you suggest a feature that doesn't yet exist they take it seriously and tell you about their plan for implementation.

Online Help


Shayna helped me today locate some archived employees, also to help answer some billing questions. She was very helpful and I appreciated it. Thanks