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Time Tracking for QuickBooks, ZenPayroll

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TSheets is helping small businesses everywhere adopt simple, accurate and fun (can you say "high employee adoption?") time tracking. We come alongside accountants, ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, and tax specialists to bring the most seamless integration with accounting software that their clients already use every day. TSheets is fully integrated with:

Use TSheets time tracking with QuickBooks for payroll Simplify payroll with TSheets Time Tracking & ZenPayroll

Flat File Integrations

For other accounting software that doesn't have a full integration - yet - it's probably only a matter of time. In the meantime you can still export time cards into a .csv file and import them into your existing accounting software. Here are just a few of the many programs you can still import TSheets data into:

TSheets time tracking works seamlessly with Sage, ADP and Paychex

Payroll and Taxes Made Easy (and accurate)

Any client with hourly employees can benefit from online time tracking

Simplify payroll with TSheets time tracking

Every week businesses are finding bottom line savings on overhead and administrative costs by streamlining the payroll process, overtime and project expenses by using overtime alerts, job costing, and more. Confidence in wage reporting, monthly taxes and the relief of being fully prepared at the end-of-year becomes the norm. But don't take our word for it, listen to this customer success story.

How TSheets Will Help Grow Your Accounting Practice

It's true. Trusted servants are so 2013. Enter "Trusted Advisor"

Making the transition to "Trusted Advisor" means taking Brad Smith's advice and abandoning the old paradigm where you never enter data twice and embracing the new paradigm where you proactively counsel your clients to never enter data at all. TSheets is the premier Intuit 3rd-party time tracking app that does just that for employees, managers, admins, and business owners.

It's in our company-wide DNA to continually refine and develop state-of-the-art time tracking solutions for employees, provide stellar customer support for businesses, extend free and valuable client resources to help small businesses thrive, and, above all, the relentless advocacy of our PROs.

Discounts for Clients, Revenue Share, Dedicated Support.... (yes, there's more)

How becoming a TSheets PRO will make you rethink your role as an accountant or bookkeeper

Accountants Refer TSheets to their clients

It's not about the product or kick-back to the referrer. It's not about the versatility or employee time tracking features. We understand that helping your clients' lives be better and easier because of your hard work and expertise is your driving force, and fortunately for you (and your clients) it's ours too. 4 Reasons it Pays to Be a TSheets PRO.

Becoming a PRO simply means we are making the commitment to take the reins on employee time tracking adoption, training, ongoing customer support, and lifetime loyalty. Oh, and we'll give you ALL the credit (and a commission). TSheets PRO = Client Hero.

Now You Can Track Billable Time and Invoice Online

How TSheets tracks accurate, billable time for invoicing.

Billable time tracking software

Tracking billable time is a walk in the park for TSheets users. Simply mark time entries as billable or non-billable, and when employee timesheets are synced with QuickBooks, it's as simple as selecting an invoice, and using the times imported from TSheets! Fast, easy and accurate time tracking for convenient online invoicing!

Not a QuickBooks user, or simply looking to use TSheets for your online invoicing? We've got you covered! Using the TSheets Invoicing Add-on, start by marking customers, projects or specific time entries as billable, and then completing the process through our invoicing feature. Whatever your preferred method of online invoicing, TSheets is ready with real-time employee times.

The 10 Best Resources for Clients with Hourly Employees

You can refer TSheets, but we'll do the heavy lifting for you (everything in our power to ensure they succeed, that is)

We understand that one of the biggest fears for accountants and bookkeepers is recommending a software that either doesn't do what it says it does or it is here today and gone like the wind tomorrow. Our time tracking app functionality will not only make you look good for referring us but we'll take it a step further and provide you with the resources to get your clients excited about their new time saving tool, increase employee productivity, and see for themselves the true benefits of tracking employee time.

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