For federal government contractors under the arm of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), it's time to go on the defensive. That is, with your time tracking solution. TSheets protects contracting businesses of every size and scope with the tracking, management and reporting tools to comply with government regulations and guard against DCAA audits.

"Many timekeeping companies offer expensive and complicated packages and software that claim to be DCAA compliant, but that really only complicate the day-to-day tracking, management and reporting it takes to protect against audits in the real world," says Mike McNew, head of McNew and Associates, a government contracts management and compliance consulting firm. "TSheets is different. It's easy for supervisors and employees to use and understand, while providing the pinpoint accuracy, record keeping detail and audit trail the government requires."

"DCAA compliance means perfecting and standardizing the process of timekeeping all the way down the line, with instantaneous and accurate time tracking, management and reporting," notes McNew. "TSheets allows companies of every size to fall in line seamlessly, without impacting their bottom line."
—Mike McNew, President & CEO

In order to fall in line, it comes down to the responsibility of each individual down the line, from the error-free timekeeping of employees (even on the move) to the accurate approvals of supervisors. TSheets is designed to capture precision detail in the real world, for the way real people work. Our mobile, secure and flexible solution makes all the difference when it comes to building a secure DCAA defense that stands the test of time.

***While TSheets meets the material requirements of the FAR and DCAA for proper timekeeping, you should seek advice and proper council from a firm specializing in DCAA audit and compliance matters to ensure full compliance.

DCAA Compliant

TSheets offers the easy-to-use solution to meet DCAA compliance, record-keeping and accuracy standards.
  • Web-based and secure, accurate time even with traveling employees
  • Flexible time entry; clock in/out online, text, phone app, more
  • Daily time tracking
  • Configurable approval users
  • Backup/proxy approvals
  • Employee, supervisor, admin approvals
  • Audit trails of all modifications
  • Audit trails of timesheet corrections or adjustments
  • Time and date stamp on submissions and approvals