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We are giving away $10,000 in our PRO Referral Challenge.

Refer. Earn Points. WIN.

The Challenge is over, but there are still some great reasons you should become a TSheets PRO!

The Challenge is over, but there are still some great reasons you should become a TSheets PRO!

Become a PRO

Already a PRO? Simply sign up for the challenge! Not sure if you're a PRO? Enter your email into the form and we'll check it out. What is a PRO?

Refer Clients to TSheets

We've made it really easy for your clients to fall in love with TSheets. Be sure to use your affiliate code to get them a discount! How to Refer.

Earn Points & Win

It's easy to start earning points! They are awarded for trial starts, activated accounts, active users, social engagement and more. Point System.

Ready to Enter the $10K Challenge?

This is the best time tracking app there is and a must have for any contractor business. I have even incorporated it into my accounting business. TSheets performs flawlessly and easily integrates with QuickBooks Bruce McFarland
L&R Tax Preparation
Certified ProAdvisor, Pro We Trust

Our PROs demanded it and we delivered. The ultimate referral competition, the TSheets $10K Challenge, is back. Can you beat Seth David, become this year's champion and gain bragging rights for a lifetime? You already love TSheets. You want to help your clients save time and money by falling in love with the #1 employee rated and requested time tracker on the planet. We want YOU to earn points and make bank along the way. It's one more way that TSheets can say thank you for all that you do.

Enter the Challenge Now!

Contest dates: June 2nd — September 30th, 2015
Winners to be announced and awarded super-size checks live at QuickBooks Connect 2015 in San Jose.

How to Refer

Use these tips to boost your referrals. And, most importantly, use your affiliate code so you don't miss out on any points!

Introduce your clients to TSheets via email.
Share your affiliate code with your social network.
Show clients how to save on payroll with the ROI Calculator
Post your PRO badge on your website.
Invite clients to one of our weekly webinars.


Every time you refer a client, we'll reward you!

Get Connected
QuickBooks logo
Connecting your TSheets account with QuickBooks Online is the key to a successful setup. 100 Points
At the end of the challenge, we'll give you 100 BONUS points for each client you have connected. +100 BONUS Points

Trial Start

Earn points when your clients sign up for a free trial using your affiliate code. 100 Points

Activated Account

When your referred clients activate their account, we'll give you even more points! 200 Points

Active Users BONUS

At the end of the challenge, we'll give you 20 BONUS points for each active user on your activated client accounts. 20 Points per User

Get Certified

Join our next certification class and reach the next level at TSheets. Existing Certified PROs will start with these points. 100 Points

Post Your Badge

Show us you've added the badge to your website and earn more points! 100 Points

Be Social

That's right. Social is a game changer. Earn 100 points for each TSheets social platform you follow! Let us know you are connected. 500 Points


PROs in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be determined by the number of points at the end of the challenge, which ends on September 30, 2015 at 11:59pm MDT.

Leaderboard Standings Point totals are being calculated

Have questions on points? Email us at with questions.


What do I do if I forget my affiliate code?

Log in to your PRO Portal and find your affiliate code on the main dashboard.

How are my referrals tracked?

All referrals are tracked by your affiliate code. Yes, it is THAT important!

What happens if my clients forget to sign up with my affiliate code?

Again, Pro Support is happy to help! If you know your client has signed up for a TSheets account but you're not sure they were attached by your affiliate code, contact with the client name and your affiliate code and we will gladly make the connection!

How do I know if a client is linked to my PRO account?

The PRO Portal gives you a real-time snapshot of who is connected to your TSheets PRO account. If you have any additional questions, contact us at

How are the winners determined and when will they be announced?

The Contestant with the most points will be selected as the Grand Prize Winner, the Contestant with the second highest number of points will be selected as the Second Place Runner Up Winner, and the Contestant with the third highest number of points will be selected as the Third Place Runner Up Winner. In the event of a tie, will select the official Winner. All Winners will be chosen on or about October 15, 2015, and will be notified by e-mail or telephone on or about October 19, 2015. Physical checks will be awarded to winners at QuickBooks Connect 2015.

How do I check my point totals?

The leaderboard will go live on June 10th in the prizes section. Points for contestants will be updated every Wednesday throughout the contest.

How do I track my progress?

You can check your progress at any time via your PRO Portal. Learn more about the PRO Portal. What's the deal with this "user" bonus? Although we appreciate all clients referred to us by our PROs, we want to give extra love to the PROs who get their clients to convert to paying. A bonus of 20 points will be awarded at the end of the contest (9/30/15 at 11:59 pm MDT) for every active user generated via the 10K Challenge.

How are points accrued?
Here's an example...
  1. PRO registers and enters the $10K Challenge.
  2. PRO advertises their affiliate code and shares TSheets with their clients, encouraging them to sign up for a free trial.
    • Company "A" (10 active users) signs up for a free trial using your affiliate code = 100 points!
    • Company "A" falls in love with TSheets and activates a subscription = 200 points!
    • Company "B" (5 active users) signs up for a free trial using your affiliate code = 100 points!
    • Company "B" also loves TSheets and activates a subscription = 200 points!
    • Contest ends September 30, 2015. Combined active users for both subscribed companies is 15 = 300 BONUS points!
  3. Total contest points for this PRO is = 900 points!
  4. PROs can also earn extra points during bonus weeks, dates TBA by TSheets, through social engagement and more!
Do I need to know how to use TSheets to refer my clients?

It's no secret that the more you know and love something, the easier it is to talk about it! We highly recommend becoming TSheets Certified in order to increase your chances of winning the 10K Challenge. (Plus you'll get a really cool badge and bragging rights!)

Still having trouble?

Contact us at 888.836.2720 or email us at