TSheets has a history of hiring, developing, and retaining the best in the business, which is what makes TSheets so great.

TSheets' Life Story

What started as a few guys in a basement, or several basements over time, has transformed into a passionate team that insists on saving the day for businesses everywhere (we might secretly be caped superheros with red “T's").

So how did two guys in a basement transform into the TSheets?

TSheets is on the forefront of time tracking development for businesses.

Good question! First, TSheets has always been forward-thinking and pushing the cutting-edge of technology. We created the first employee rated iPhone time tracking app, Android app with GPS, dial-in capabilities for Spanish-speaking employees, texting and tweeting to clock in and out, and more! All of this done to help businesses save money and reduce time spent tracking and managing employee times for payroll and invoicing.

Second, everyone at TSheets has always made customer service (experience) a priority. From the beginning in the dark, thin-walled, not-so-cool office space until today, emphasis has always been on providing the best customer experience in the industry. Our promise is every phone call, every email, every interaction with TSheets will deliver the best customer service experience possible.

Third, who says a technology company has to be boring? You might find TSheets a bit more entertaining, a bit more "out of the box", and first in line to try a crazy guerrilla marketing stunt (or two).

Cross department interaction develops new ideas and innovations.

All that to say, what started as a few lone TSheet-ers, has grown into a team of smart, innovative, and fun-loving employees who are determined to engage your employees with accurate time tracking and some well-deserved time and money savings for your business.

Oh, and along the way we became the top rated app in the entire Intuit ecosystem (thanks to a lot of great customers!) but we continue strive to become the #1 employee rated and requested time tracker on the planet; nothing like a big, hairy and audacious goal!

Dawn Brolin Proadvisor

"You know you've made the right choice for your business when you can't decide which is better: the product or the amazing individuals behind the product. Go TSheets!"

- Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, MSA

TSheets Transformation Timeline

Learn about the major events in the history of TSheets that played a major role in the growth of the company. The TSheets tale began with the basic version of TSheets for Matt's small business. Matt and Brandon forsake all other occupations, to build the dream of TSheets. TSheets grew in force (two more employees) becoming the first time tracker to create an iPhone app. Users everywhere rejoiced with the start of TSheets Customer Experience Team (i.e. Greta was hired). A flatfile integration was made to help QuickBooks users who were combating the manual time tracking dragon. TSheets released a seamless integration with QuickBooks in the Intuit App Center. TSheets continued to slay the dragon of handwritten time cards, providing amazing customer support, and became #1 time tracker in the Intuit App Center. The PRO program was launched to support ProAdvisors throughout the land and TSheets was awarded for Awesomeness, literally winning the Sleeter Awesome App Award for 2014. The TSheets force of 31 employees was growing; the first TSheets building was purchased with a view and food and beverages of plenty.

This tale will be continued as TSheets provides a happily ever after for employees everywhere.

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  • TSheets has a 5-Star rating from Intuit for time card apps
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  • TSheets received the 2014 Idaho Innovative Company of the Year award.
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The TSheets HQ is Located in the Heart of Idaho

The Potato State is where TSheets' employees pour their hearts into what they do every single day.

As a company we embrace that which inspires individual growth and, more importantly, cumulative greatness as a team... and not to mention having fun while we’re at it! Here are a few amusing, and useless, facts about Team TSheets.

Only 30% of TSheet employees were actually born in Idaho. TSheets attracts the best employees from all over.