TSheets is a time tracking software solution for all businesses and contains mobile and desktop apps to help save time & money.
Matt and Brandon started TSheets out of necessity in order to track employee time.

The Two Guys Who Originally Made It Happen

The lightbulb moment that sparked TSheets came amidst day-to-day operations of Matt Rissell's former business. With multiple locations and employees constantly on the go, tracking down timesheets—not to mention where and what employees were working on— became a nonstop pain and a productivity killer for Matt and his bookkeeper. Matt wanted online timesheets that offered speed, accuracy, mobility and real-time business-relevant details. So he went on an extensive search, and found nothing that quite did what he knew it could do. So he recruited genius programmer, Brandon Zehm, to create a custom solution and join him in developing TSheets from the ground up.

The Ones Who Get Credit For Making It Happen

Matt and Brandon truly are brilliant (just ask their moms) and are true believers in surrounding themselves with the best and the brightest. Enter Executive Team:

Matt Rissell

CEO (aka Grand Master of Everything TSheets)

matt@tsheets.com | @mattrissell

Matt Rissell is the CEO and co-creator of TSheets, his sixth successful startup venture. A proven expert on time tracking technology and productivity best practices in the online age. His specialties include startups, leadership, new divisions, high growth opportunities, corporate sales, and strategy. He serves as part of the Idaho Technology Council (Executive Committee); ITC Software Alliance (Past Chair); Vistage CEO Network (Member); and the Boise State University Computer Science Dept. (Advisory Board). A public speaker in the US and beyond, Matt is also a former co-host of the business radio show, The Voice for Small Business. He is a winner of the 40 Under 40 Award, Franchisee of the Year, and President's Cabinet for Verizon Wireless. A Colorado native, when he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his three children and his Weimaraner – bird hunting, bowhunting, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful mountains in Idaho.

Fun Fact

Matt has his pilot's license, but the marketing team refuses to fly with him.

Brandon Zehm

CTO (aka Grand Mastermind of TSheets Development)


Brandon is a brilliant software architect and the brains behind the technology at TSheets. He has been offered massive compensation packages from the who's who of US tech companies, but has a die-hard entrepreneurial spirit, thirst for adventure, and adrenaline junkie attitude that keeps him focused on building TSheets. Brandon maintains a legion of loyal Linux/PHP followers due to the popularity of past apps he's developed along with his willingness to give away the code for free. Brandon gets his adrenaline fix from hard-core hobbies like cave exploring, skydiving, and climbing every mountain that whispers his name.

Fun Fact

Brandon speaks Japanese.

Jennifer Hetherington

VP of Marketing (aka TSheets Wonder Woman)

jennifer@tsheets.com | @jhetherington

Jennifer is an innovative marketing leader with more than ten years experience, including eCommerce, B2C, and B2B. With a Master's in Social Psychology, Jennifer has a heart for people and a track record of developing and leading high performance marketing teams. Once a true Southern Belle, Jennifer has found that a feast of cornbread, turnip greens, black eyed peas, and ham steaks are enough to bring a family together. Outside the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband, 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter. You'll find her hitting the weights at the gym and running the occasional 5K race, usually in support of a great cause.

Fun Fact

Jennifer LOVES shoes. In fact, she has over 200 pairs!

J.D. Mullin

VP of Engineering (aka Czar of Research and Development)


Head in the clouds? In the case and career of J.D. Mullin, most definitely. A software architect and development expert with 15+ years of experience in the field, J.D. previously worked for WhiteCloud Analytics and Sybase. He loves leading the charge in the expanding realm of cloud-based technology—and lending his elite experience to rocket launch Idaho-based software companies. Now behind the scenes of our iPhone and Android apps plus other innovative initiatives, J.D. also speaks at BSU and created a program called CS Extras that helps students interact with industry professionals. A husband and father of two toddlers, he spends a majority of free time chasing them around, but enjoys camping, dirt biking and brewing beer too.

Fun Fact

J.D. is a bonafide brewmaster is his spare time.

Amy Bailey

VP of Finance (aka Number Cruncher)

amy@tsheets.com | @abailey0128

Smooth operator. Responsible for all finance, human resource and building operations at TSheets, Amy is a proud Idaho Vandal who spent 8 years in public accounting with Coopers & Lybrand, and more than 20 years with both public and private, high-growth, technology companies like Extended Systems, ProClarity, Microsoft and Silverback. Her key role here is to make the entire enterprise run smoothly, so our crew can stay hyper-focused on helping our customers journey into greatness. An original tomboy who grew up with three brothers, Amy loves to stay active. She road and mountain bikes, crushes at tennis, plus cooks and bakes like a champ—the ultimate way to get back those lost calories. She has two kids and lives with her husband and English Mastiff named Scout in a still-being-renovated North End home.

Fun Fact

Amy is good at tennis....like really good.

Mario Joy

VP of Customer Experience(aka the Customer Champion)

Mario joined TSheets with more than 15 years of experience in customer support, success, implementation, renewals, and accountant management under his belt. He is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and hospitality while increasing customer satisfaction. Noticing a trend here? Mario is all about the customer -- which made him the perfect fit to lead our customer experience team.

Originally from the sunny shores of Los Angeles, Mario made the big move to North Carolina several years ago before relocating and starting his latest and greatest adventure right here at TSheets in Idaho. In his spare time, you can find him hanging out with his wife, Lori, and their two kids, living life to the fullest and experiencing everything Idaho has to offer!

Fun Fact

Mario spent over seven years at Blackboard overseeing the customer lifecycle.

Bill Ayer

VP of Sales (aka the Business Bloodhound)

Bill has more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Applications companies, building sales and service organizations, developing product strategy and executing sales enablement programs. He has led fast sales growth by building winning cultures and grounded sales processes. Bill’s prior HR technology companies include Oracle, Success Factors and most recently Replicon, which grew revenues over 10x during his five years with the company.

Kyle Jenke

VP of Platform and Global Business Development (aka The Biz)

Kyle leads platform and global business development at TSheets. He tells partners that TSheets will be the best partner that they've ever worked with, which is a commitment that we take seriously. This commitment starts day one with the partnership and continues with each customer that we serve

Outside of the office Kyle enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, Anna, and friends & family. You'll find them exploring all that sunny California has to offer including camping and hiking in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.

Fun Fact

Although returning to his native California roots, Kyle lived in Hong Kong for 4 years where he competed in the Hong Kong international badminton tournament (and lost badly in the first round!)

  • Matt Rissell


  • Brandon Zehm


  • Jennifer Hetherington

    VP of Marketing

  • J.D. Mullin

    VP of Engineering

  • Amy Bailey

    VP of Finance

  • Mario Joy

    VP of Customer Experience

  • Bill Ayer

    VP of Sales

  • Kyle Jenke

    VP of Platform & Business Development

The Ones Who Actually Make It Happen

It's true. These people make the magic happen. Every day.


  • Bobby is a Software Developer of the TSheets Development Team Bobby

    Official Software Big Shot

  • Jared is the Chief Automation Officer of the TSheets Development Team Jared

    Chief Automation Officer

  • Josh is the customer escalation expert and exterminator of bad code Josh

    The Exterminator

  • Katy is the queen bee of the software development team at TSheets Katy

    Empress of the Software Quadrant

  • Mark engineers some of the best software at TSheets Mark

    Captain Coder

  • Nate is a Software Developer of the TSheets Development Team Nate

    Deputy of Tech Innovation

  • Paul is the Veteran Infrastructure Extraordinaire of the TSheets Development Team Paul

    Veteran Infrastructure Extraordinaire

  • Scott is the Official Software Big Gun Scott

    Official Software Big Gun

  • Steve is a master coder on the development team Steve

    The Code Commander

  • Craig is a master coder on the development team Craig

    Zen Coder

  • Uhl is the bona fide UI maestro Uhl

    Bona Fide UI Maestro

  • Stephen is a Webmonkey Stephen


  • Peter is Sir Codes a Lot Peter

    Sir Codes a Lot

  • Drake is The Software Ninjaneer Drake

    Software Ninjaneer

  • Breanne is our Human Experience Guardian Breanne

    Human Experience Guardian

  • Robin is our Web Wordsmith Robin

    Web Wordsmith

  • Lance is The Duke Lance

    The Duke

  • Joe is our Developer Dynamo Joe

    Developer Dynamo

  • Daniel is our Prince of Protocol Daniel

    Prince of Protocol

  • Tim is our Smart SaaS Tim

    Smart SaaS

  • DeVerl is The Gateway Keeper DeVerl

    The Gateway Keeper

  • Lisa is our Digital Dynamo Lisa

    Digital Dynamo

  • Jeff is our Data Samurai Jeff

    Data Samurai

  • Josh is our King of the Cloud Josh

    King of the Cloud

  • Jody is our Kingpin of Code Jody

    Kingpin of Code

  • Loren is our Designer Deluxe Loren

    Designer Deluxe

  • Mark is our Revered Researcher Mark

    Revered Researcher

  • Shree is our Software Sharpshooter Shree

    Software Sharpshooter

  • Eve is our Sensei Eve

    The Sensei

  • Trevor is our Engineering Engine Trevor

    The Engineering Engine

  • Justin is our Javascript Junkie Justin

    Javascript Junkie

  • Malcolm is our Ultimate in Usability Malcolm

    The Ultimate in Usability

  • David is The Coordinator David

    The Coordinator

    Customer Experience

  • Hilleri is the Chief of Customer Defense Hilleri

    Chief of Customer Defense

  • Greta is the queen bee of aplomb Greta

    Queen Bee of Aplomb

  • Heather is the customer experience warrior and CX trainer Heather

    Customer Experience Warrior

  • Janell is an excellent employee contentment officer Janell

    Employee Contentment Officer

  • Kristin is the queen of QuickBooks support Kristin

    QuickBooks Guiding Light

  • Sandy is our Employee Happiness Aficionado Sandy

    Employee Happiness Aficionado

  • Riley is the ambassador of customer success and king of retentions Riley

    Ambassador of Customer Success

  • Shayna is the chief chatterer at TSheets Shayna

    Chief Chatterer

  • Ben is the Diplomat of Customer Efficacy Ben

    Diplomat of Customer Efficacy

  • Debbie is the Empress of Employee Euphoria Debbie

    Empress of Employee Euphoria

  • Sarah is the TSheet Wizardess Sarah

    TSheet Wizardess

  • Wai-man is The CX Man Wai-man

    The CX Man

  • Becca is our QBO Helping Hand Becca

    QBO Helping Hand

  • Annie is our Time Tracker Supreme Annie

    Time Tracker Supreme

  • Michelle is our Account Ally Michelle

    Account Ally

  • Jessica is our Joy Juggernaut Jessica

    Joy Juggernaut

  • Erica is our Chief Cheerleader Erica

    Chief Cheerleader

  • Josh is our Customer Catalyst Josh

    Customer Catalyst

  • Evencio is our Master of Merriment Evencio

    Master of Merriment

  • Anjel is our Ms. Brightside Anjel

    Ms. Brightside

  • Elaina is our Accounting Advocate Elaina

    Accounting Advocate

  • Megan is The Sage of Service Megan

    The Sage of Service

  • Nick is Mr. Personality Nick

    Mr. Personality

  • Tiffany is Ms. Sunshine Tiffany

    Ms. Sunshine

  • Matt is our Smooth Operator Matt

    Smooth Operator

  • Angel is Sasha Friendly Angel

    Sasha Friendly

  • Buckley is our Ambassador of Amazement Buckley

    Ambassador of Amazement


  • Haley is the Employee Amazement Ninja Haley

    Employee Amazement Ninja

  • Jessica is the employee happiness aficionado Jessica

    Employee Happiness Aficionado

  • Daniel is our Sales Superstar Daniel

    Sales Superstar

  • Amy is our Time Tracking Hot Shot Amy

    Time Tracking Hot Shot

  • Danny is Customer Happiness Hero Danny

    Customer Happiness Hero

  • Sabra is our B2B Bigwig Sabra

    B2B Bigwig

  • Vanessa is our On Fleek Franchisista Vanessa

    On Fleek Franchisista

  • Sydney is our Employee Happiness Expert Sydney

    Employee Happiness Expert


  • Kelly is our Numbers Virtuoso Kelly

    Numbers Virtuoso

  • LeAnn is our Jill of all Trades LeAnn

    Jill of all Trades

  • Aly is our Queen of Green Aly

    Queen of Green


  • Jesse is the seo, sem, digital marketing, and data analyst guru Jesse

    Director of the Data Analyst Fun Club

  • Kelsie is the queen of content and public relations efforts Kelsie

    The Handler

  • Kelly is the keeper of TSheets pros and affiliates Kelly

    Accountant Big Cheese

  • Lisa is a magician with photoshop and web design Lisa

    Graphic Magician

  • Robin is the queen of web content and communications architect Robin

    Written Communications Architect

  • Kelly is our Social Spice Girl Kelly

    Social Spice Girl

  • Angie is The Marketing Mogul Angie

    Marketing Mogul

  • Dave is The SEO Ace Dave

    SEO Ace

  • Noelle is our The OG of Copy Noelle

    The OG of Copy

  • Katie is our Code Diva Katie

    Code Diva

  • Myranda is our Badass Blogger Myranda

    Badass Blogger

  • Tony is our Bonza BDM Tony

    Bonza BDM

  • Derrick is our Digital Dynamo Derrick

    Digital Dynamo

  • Simon is our Wizard of Words Simon

    Wizard of Words

  • Stephanie is our Link Boss Stephanie

    Link Boss

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