Best Places to Work in Idaho

TSheets Wins the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Idaho in 2017

It’s no secret: We love employees! It’s right there in our logo—and it’s the driving force behind everything we do. But when we say, “We Employees,” we’re not just talking about our customers’ employees, or even our own employees … We’re talking about employees everywhere—all 3 billion of them.

Which is why Best Places to Work in Idaho is a program we can really get behind! It’s dedicated to improving the quality of life for employees right here in our home state. Over the past decade, the Best Places to Work in Idaho program has collected tens of thousands of employee surveys, helped hundreds of Idaho organizations improve their employee morale, and encouraged business owners everywhere (in Idaho and beyond) to put people first.

What Is the Best Places to Work in Idaho Program?

It’s a community of organizations (including University Career Centers, Chambers of Commerce, several chapters of the Society of Human Resource Management, and Populus, a marketing and HR research firm) committed to “the betterment of the condition of employment.”

It’s an anonymous employee survey intended to allow employees to speak truthfully and candidly, without fear of repercussion—ensuring that no company can fake their way to the top of the list.

It’s an important tool that allows business owners to gauge the temperature of their company. It provides “accurate and objective measurement of the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of your workforce.” And, when all’s said and done, Populus will even provide with you with a list of recommended actions to improve your company’s score.

It’s a title we wear proudly—and one we’ll continue to compete for each and every year.

For the past two years and running, we’ve been honored to land at the top of the list. For us, it meant a few really cool things (and telling people that we ARE the best place to work in Idaho is definitely one of them), but most importantly, it meant that our vision was aligned with reality (what kind of company would we be if we claimed to employees—but our own employees couldn’t vouch for it?).


Top 10 Best Places to Work in Idaho for 2017:

Macro Employers

(250 and more employees)

  1. Idaho Central Credit Union
  2. T-Mobile
  3. Encompass Home Health and Hospice
  4. Progrexion Marketing
  5. Allstate Customer Contact Center
  6. Mountain West Bank
  7. D.L. Evans Bank
  8. Thomas Cuisine Management
  9. Zions Bank
  10. Taos

Large Employers

(100-249 employees)

  1. TSheets
  2. Edward Jones
  3. TitleOne Corporation
  4. East Idaho Credit Union
  5. Mountain America Credit Union
  6. Pioneer Federal Credit Union
  7. Westmark Credit Union
  8. Fisher’s Technology
  9. Paylocity
  10. Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Medium Employers

(50-99 employees)

  1. CBH Homes
  2. POINTE Pest Control
  3. Larry H. Miller Subaru Boise
  4. Verified First
  5. Moneytree, Inc.
  6. Thornton Oliver Keller
  7. D.A. Davidson & Co.
  8. Young Buick GMC of Burley
  9. The Newsletter Pro
  10. Icon Credit Union

Small Employers

(20-49 employees)

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Treasure Valley Hospice
  3. Allied Business Solutions
  4. Neurilink
  5. Willamette Valley Bank
  6. Lochsa Engineering
  7. NexTitle
  8. Safeguard BY IBF
  9. Quest Groups LLC
  10. ArmgaSys Inc

Micro Employers

(10-19 employees)

  1. Tribute Media
  2. In Time Tec
  3. Red Sky
  4. Vacation Rental Authority Inc
  5. MetaGeek
  6. Care Connection of Idaho Home Care
  7. Zenware
  8. Indepth Solutions
  9. neUdesign Architecture, LLC
  10. Apex Leaders

We Happy Employees

We’ve done the math, and we know that the price of employee happiness is nothing compared to the cost of employee unhappiness. Happy employees feel accountable, engaged, and more willing to work hard for the success of the company. More than that, happy employees are less likely to quit than those who don’t feel recognized or appreciated at work. Companies who truly care about the people who work for them see lower turnover rates (and higher bottom line profits) than those who don’t.

With that in mind, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our employees are, well, happy! From competitive compensation and benefits packages, to an emphasis on playing as hard as we work—we believe that when employees love what they do, great things can happen.