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ADP RUN + TSheets = the end to manual entry.

Supercharge Your Time Cards

TSheets and RUN Powered by ADP join forces for a more accurate and hassle-free payroll experience. Try TSheets for free to see how it all works.

A Sweet and Simple Solution

Use TSheets on desktop, tablet, or smartphone for accurate timesheets and scheduling.

Use TSheets on any device for easy, accurate time tracking and employee scheduling. Employee time cards are stored safely in the cloud, so to-the-second data is ready when you need it.

Paper time cards are a thing of the past.

Connect TSheets and ADP to sync employee information, including PTO, and upload employee time data to RUN with ease.

Connect RUN by ADP to TSheets time clock app.

Eliminate manual time entry for good. Save time on payroll so you can get back to working on the things you love.

TSheets time clock for small business.

Use TSheets with RUN from any browser. Easy to use, reliable, and perfect for small businesses.

TSheets and RUN Powered by ADP Is Perfect For

Have You Heard?

Cut payroll time in half

"TSheets and ADP together cut down on time in terms of processing payroll. Press a button and everything zips in there. It cuts payroll time in half, if not more.”

— Nathan Arnold, Bookkeeper

TSheets is the #1 rated time tracking app on the planet.

Job costing insights

"I'm saving so much money! TSheets helps me gain insight into the time allotted for a building. Now when I do walkthroughs, I can look at a building and see how long it will take.”

— LaShanette Starks, Commercial Cleaning Investment

TSheets is the #1 rated time tracking app on the planet.

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ADP charges customers $5 per month to connect RUN and TSheets accounts.

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