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Track Time On Your Android

Track and Submit Time From Mobile in One Touch

A time tracking app that is simple and easy to use

Track time using a device your employees are already familiar with and use regularly: Their Android phone. Using TSheets’ time tracking app, starting, stopping, taking a break, switching tasks and submitting time is literally a touch (or click) away. And with an app that remembers your recently used job codes and allows for PTO and timesheet submission on the go, taking care of business just got that much easier.

No scrolling through menus or jostling with drop down buttons — employees can simply open the app, click on the job code, and start tracking time. A icon in the status bar reminds them they are still logged in, and using that same one–touch functionality, they can also change job codes or projects, clock out, take a break, request PTO, add notes to their timesheet or submit time for review.

Android time tracking with GPS

Android Time Tracking App with GPS

GPS stamping tracks employees on the go

When employees are clocked in, GPS information is recorded using the Android time card app and sent to TSheets to be attached to the employee timesheet. With or without cell service, employee locations are continuously recorded at ten minute intervals when on the clock. When an employee clocks out, their timesheet updates with both time and location, and GPS time tracking turns off.

Show Me the Benefits (and myths) of GPS Time Tracking
Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Tracking

Track time offline on your Android

GPS Time Tracking When There Is No Signal

A time tracker that stores data while out of service and syncs when back online

The world awaits, and employees may occasionally be out of service. Fortunately, with TSheets’ Android time tracking app, offline never means time or GPS tracking is unavailable.

Regardless of cell service, employees can clock in, clock out, change job codes, add notes, and still maintain GPS tracking. That’s because TSheets’ time and location data are stored offline. Once workers are back in service, they can immediately sync timesheet data back to the office. It’s the ideal solution for workers who need a simple, functional time clock on the job site.

Manual Time Entry

An alternate way to track time on your Android

Manual time entry on your Android
When real-time tracking doesn’t fit, an employee can create a new timesheet and manually enter their hours using the Android time tracking app. When entering hours manually, an employee still chooses the appropriate task or job code and has the option to add notes.

A manager with employees using the time tracking app, can use the TSheets web dashboard to identify manual entries made by employees versus hours tracked in real-time, and can review prior to approving for payroll.

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Edit Timesheets While On-the-Go

Added convenience for the manager and timesheet accuracy for the employee

A timesheet can easily be edited using the TSheets Android app. When on the clock, an employee can switch job codes or add notes (the TSheets app remembers your recently used job codes to make clocking in even faster!). When off the clock, an employee can choose a previous timesheet to edit from their Android, and make changes as needed. All changes are saved and synced to the home office. The timesheet change details can be viewed by managers or administrators in the timesheet logs, at any time.

Crew Time Tracking App

Managers can clock in individuals or the whole crew

Manage crew time cards on an Android
Just when the TSheets Android time tracking app couldn’t get any better, it did. No need for crew members to track their own time, when a supervisor can now easily manage their timesheets for the group. Within the app, a supervisor can clock a crew (or the workers individually) in or out to specific tasks or projects, and even add notes. The supervisor can then view the groups they manage, see which employees are working and on what, view day and task totals for their crews and more. No need for a separate crew app, when using this Android time tracker for crews.

Get the Most Out of Crew Time Tracking

Add customers, jobs and see who's working while on the go

More Insight and Control

Add customers, jobs and see who’s working while on the go

Insight into who’s working and where, is a nice plus when you’re supervising from the field.

Now you can add jobs or customers to TSheets while on the go as well – all from your TSheets app for Android. Just another tool in your time tracking tool belt, for added insight and control while on the go.

Fall in love with the Who’s Working Window

Red TSheets Heart Customer Love

Excellent for small contractors! Our company had been struggling with how to reign in the utter craziness that was payroll. After a short search, we found this system, and it seemed to be totally tailored to our needs. Once TSheets was put into use I feel that has been proven. We have found the program to be
adaptable to our ever changing office and bookkeeping needs. The out–of–office field crew have found it and they say it makes keeping (and reporting) accurate work hours very simple.VIA Google Play

I run a construction company with 20 employees and multiple projects. Job costing employees time manually was becoming impossible. TSheets was the only thing that I could find to keep time and job codes. Employees clock in by text, and change job codes when they move to a different project. At the end of the day I have a report with hours and jobs, my daily paperwork for time keeping is 5 min.

VIA Google Play

nicely putA
simple way to track my hours.

VIA Google PLay

Easy to use, mobile enabled, great customer service. I have just loved working with the TSheets team & the solution and mobile apps are great. We are a consulting company & the integration with our customer invoicing process is tight, the mobile apps are useful and everything is going great.

via google play

I love how this syncs up with my online account.
I’m lovin it.

via google play

Great customer service and a great program at a
great price. TSheets combines a wealth of features with ease of use and great friendly customer service. Reliable and easy to use time tracking software has always been a requirement for us. We’ve used a number of them through the years. TSheets is the easiest to use by far. I am excited to explore the other add-ons, besides the all-important QuickBooks time tracking integration, which by-the-way is top-notch.

T Edwardson, ringoes
east amwell township, NJ

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