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Free financial wellness benefit that helps attract/retain workers and eliminates paper check & paycard costs


Branch is a mobile-first technology helping working Americans grow financially. Employers turn to Branch not only to attract and retain workers but also reduce paper check and paycard costs by offering Branch as a free financial wellness benefit and alternative for paying employees. Employees can receive a zero-fee bank account with debit card, free instant access to earned wages, and budgeting tools to help manage cash flow between paychecks.


Increase financial wellness and flexibility by offering free instant access to wages earned (without impacting payroll processes) and budgeting tools

Eliminate paper check and paycard costs with fee-free checking account/ debit card

Empower employees to manage their work and financial lives from their mobile device.

Branch Pricing

Branch is available at no cost to you or your employees

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“The nearest location of my bank is 30 miles away from my work. I had an auto withdrawal I forgot about, and could not make it to the bank. It saved me a total of $72 in overdraft fees!”

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