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Grow your business with your teams and partners, with the help of real-time data put together in beautiful dashboards.


ClicData is the world’s first totally cloud-based business intelligence and data visualization platform.

ClicData understands that any viable business intelligence and data visualization initiative requires:

  • -Seamless integrations with any data from any source
  • -Easy-to-integrate predictive analytics and data visualization
  • -Standardized, automated reporting on any KPIs and financial data
  • -An understanding of what your data is saying, no matter the data
  • -Real-time reporting from any device with data that is viewable anywhere



Know what’s getting done: Set up a dashboard to view real-time KPI and project progress. Never ask for a status report again — you will know exactly when tasks are getting done, and you can check the status from any device.

Meet your milestones: You’ll always know whether you can finish a project on time (and on a budget) and when you need to re-adjust.

Automated, scheduled reporting: Anyone in the company can receive metric and milestone reports in any timeframe they choose.


Starts at $19 per month with a 15-day free trial.

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