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Grow your business with your teams and partners, with the help of real-time data put together in beautiful dashboards.


ClicData is a cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that allows you to connect, manage, visualize and share your business data in a single place.

ClicData thinks that any viable business intelligence and data visualization solutions requires:

  • Seamless integration with multiple business applications and databases. With ClicData you can connect data from any source with native connectors or through API.
  • A built-in data warehouse to store and manage your historical data. You can keep track of years of data in ClicData’s cloud-based data warehouse.
  • Extensive automation features. Schedule your data refreshes, set up alerts on your critical data and report deliveries, and much more.
  • Custom and interactive visualizations. Build your KPI dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop designer and 70+ visualization options.
  • Share your real-time data and dashboards with your team. Your dashboards are available at anytime and anywhere.



Get real-time updates on your team’s productivity and business KPIs.

  • Connect your TSheets data and mix it with your project or financial data to get the full picture of your business performance.
  • Automate your data refresh and visualize your TSheets data in real-time dashboards. Set up alerts to know when milestones are reached or when your team’s productivity is falling to make immediate actions.
  • Share your reports with your team in multiple ways: embed your dashboards into your internal application, schedule dashboard deliveries by email, export them… Share your dashboards and data the way you want!


Starts at $19 per month with a 15-day free trial.

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