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Track driving safety and block smartphone distractions — now integrated with TSheets!


What if you could keep employees safer on the road and the job by tracking driving safety and blocking smartphone distractions? Now that the EngageMode employee safety app integrates with TSheets time tracking, you can be sure employees will use it every day. When employees are on the clock, driving safety and smartphone distractions are tracked and reported to you on our web dashboard.



Track driving safety: Track speeding, hard braking, aggressive driving, and distracted driving while employees are on the clock. Driving safety scores and incident reports are available on our web dashboard.

Block distractions: EngageMode can block distracting apps and websites while employees are on the clock. This is a great way to ensure smartphones don’t become a distraction.

Keep tabs on screen time: We’ve all seen remote workers on their smartphones while they are supposed to be working. EngageMode can track screen time while on the job, so you can see if it’s reasonable.

TSheets integration ensures use: How can we ensure employees install the safety app and use it daily? When employees clock in using TSheets, we can ensure they are also using the EngageMode safety app.


EngageMode starts at $8 per employee, per month.

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