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Save time and reduce errors with the Gravity Sheets – TSheets integration, using the WordPress plugin Gravity Forms to TSheets.


The only bridge between WordPress and TSheets. With Gravity sheets, shifts get scheduled from your Gravity Forms entries directly into TSheets. You schedule your staff. It’s that simple!

Use any shift color currently in TSheets. Apply your time zone, so shifts display appropriately. Use the suffix feature to add any suffix—e.g., Service Call, Service, Customer Follow-Up.

Instantly schedule customer service follow-up shifts with every form submission by choosing the number of days after the service shift. Service shifts and follow-ups are scheduled simultaneously.


Use the power of WordPress and Gravity Forms to populate your TSheets schedules.
Save time: Eliminate manual entry from Gravity Forms submissions into TSheets. Shifts will be waiting to be assigned in TSheets.
Reduce admin errors: No more switching back and forth between apps and risking a missed shift.
Sync Gravity Forms and TSheets without the need for costly, monthly third-party integration fees.
Each Gravity Forms form you create can be custom mapped.

  • Gravity Sheets integration
  • Import Gravity forms to TSheets


Annual license is just $79 with a 7-day free trial.

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