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Powerful, affordable, user-friendly recruiting solution to help businesses grow — Find and hire the right talent, fast.


JazzHR’s user-friendly applicant tracking system helps you automate and optimize the entire hiring process so you can save time, make the best hires, and cut overall recruiting costs. With the TSheets integration, you will save time manually entering new hire data in TSheets by seamlessly synchronizing systems and create streamlined procedures to help you grow.


  • 53% Faster Time-to-Hire: Accelerate time-to-hire by connecting TSheets with JazzHR and modernizing the entire hiring process from “Hello!” to “You’re Hired!”
  • 38% Lower Candidate Acquisition Costs: Optimize and organize who and how you hire with the best mix of recruiting tools – Easily track, manage, and monitor candidate engagement by automating hiring with JazzHR and TSheets
  • 61% More Candidates: Supercharge sourcing and save time posting to job boards, social media and more with the click of a button
  • Average of 40+ qualified candidates per open role: One click posting to free and premium job boards like Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor
  • Kickstart your onboarding process by integrating JazzHR with TSheets to seamlessly sync candidate data between systems

Customer Quote

With JazzHR, I’m able to bring a candidate through the entire hiring process in half the time.

— Danielle Richmond, HR Director, TrustHCS


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