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For the Lawntrepreneur™ looking for the next step to success…
**Efficiently manage employees and timesheets directly from the Lawn Buddy app!


The Lawn Buddy provider app and platform allows you to manage jobs, crews, and customers with our simple, yet powerful management software. No matter the size of your business, we want to help every Lawntrepreneur™ grow and be successful! Our seamless integration with TSheets helps to improve time management by eliminating manual data entry of employee timesheets and allows you to manage employees directly using the Lawn Buddy app.


Effortless connectability, create a new TSheets account or connect your current TSheets account directly from our Lawn Buddy provider portal.
No importing needed, all active Lawn Buddy employees will sync into your TSheets account
○ **A generic Lawn Buddy job code will be generated for all timesheets created in the LB app
With just one click, Employees can clock in and out directly from the Lawn Buddy app
**Sync with QuickBooks, TSheets and Lawn Buddy seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks for faster, more accurate payroll

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Promotional pricing $30.00/mo — Regular Pricing: $49.95/mo

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