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We took easy payroll to a whole new level.


Love the thought of saving time from entering hours into payroll? Boy do we have some good news for you… Patriot Software and TSheets have teamed up to bring users a pain-free payroll and time tracking experience.

  • One click to integrate Patriot with TSheets.
  • One click to import timesheets into Patriot Payroll.
  • And one click to try TSheets free today.


Let me pencil you in for when I’m done running payroll. Annnnd done.

With Patriot’s integration with TSheets, you’ll magically have a little more time in the day.


  1. Your time and money. When you manage your employees’ time sheets with TSheets and run payroll with Patriot, you can keep your time and money for the things that matter most.
  2. Track of time-off hours. Employees need to use vacation time? How about sick time? With Patriot + TSheets, you’ll never lose track of time-off hours again.
  3. Your sanity by eliminating manual entries. Say goodbye to manual entries and hello to the future of time cards. Patriot Software’s integration with TSheets gets you back to your business.
  4. Things consistent. Employees’ hours from TSheets will match up with your Patriot Payroll. Every. Single. Time.
  5. Living on the go. Both Patriot and TSheets live in the cloud, so you can be on Cloud 9 anytime, anywhere, and using any mobile device.