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TSheets + Rain — Employee Financial Wellness benefit.

Using TSheets and Rain Together

Rain is a popular new employee financial wellness benefit that is free for employers. The Rain Instant Pay app allows employees to access portions of their earned wages after any shift, not just on pay day. Each Rain transaction only costs the employee $3.99, much less than if they incurred payday loan interest, late fees, or overdraft fees.
Since Rain integrates with TSheets, your employees’ time will be tracked, so they’ll be able to log into the Rain app and withdraw pay from the shifts they’ve worked.
Whatever funds they do not withdraw will appear in their normal paycheck through your payroll system. You don’t have to change a thing about your current process.

How Does Rain Help You?

You need to offer a competitive benefits package to keep their best employees. Financial wellness benefits are the hottest new add-on. Plus, earned wage access has been proven to result in:

  • 40% reduced turnover rates
  • 200% increase in job applications
  • 86% of employees improved job performance
  • Rain withdrawl
By Rain



Get Started with Rain

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