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TSheets + Rippling Payroll — The fastest, easiest way to run payroll.


Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your company’s HR and IT — from your people’s payroll and benefits, to their computers and software — all in one, online platform. For now though, let’s just talk about our payroll. With TSheets and Rippling together, you can run payroll in 90 seconds or less.


Make payroll so easy, it runs itself: Rippling automatically adds new employees to TSheets when they join your company and deactivates their accounts when they leave. Hours tracked in TSheets automatically sync with Rippling Payroll, along with your benefits deductions. When you’re ready to run payroll, just review, approve and you’re done. No manual data entry. Or turn on auto-pay and never touch it again!

Say goodbye to manual time entry: Automatically import employee hours and overtime directly into Rippling Payroll – no manual data entry required. With TSheets and Rippling, you can turn hours of painful payroll administration into just a few, happy clicks.

Way more than just payroll: Rippling ties together your key business systems, well beyond HR. With Rippling, you can hire a new employee with just one click and we’ll take care of the rest. Rippling will send their new hire paperwork for e-signature, instantly add them to payroll, enroll them in health insurance (if you offer it), and even deliver their work computer — pre-configured with all the software and security you’ve selected — so they’re ready to go on their first day at the office.

  • Rippling Payroll screenshot - hourly employee.

Rippling Pricing

Rippling starts at just $5 per user / per month

Get Started with Rippling

  • Rippling Payroll screenshot - hourly employee.
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