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World-class time tracking by TSheets is now available for Salesforce, the world’s best CRM.


SyncEzy allows you to import Salesforce Opportunities automatically into TSheets.
Opportunities can be created automatically in TSheets as jobs and assigned to all employees or selected groups upon creation.
Opportunities can also be archived in TSheets when they are won or lost in Salesforce.
Allow sales staff to track time spent on Salesforce Opportunities in TSheets.
View detailed project reports in TSheets, and transfer the time to your payroll application for instant payroll processing.


Eliminate the manual creation of jobs in TSheets—projects update automatically and effortlessly.
Automatically import Salesforce objects into TSheets as jobs, upon creation.
Automatically archive jobs in TSheets when the Opportunities are won or lost in Salesforce.
Use TSheets’ powerful reports while tracking time on Salesforce Opportunities, tasks, and subtasks. Compare, slice, and dice your data any way you want.

Customer Quote

“SyncEzy has helped us track salespeople’s times as efficiently as we track our field techs’. We finally have visibility on what our sales teams are spending their time on.”
—Jim Nolan, GM, Rapid Security

  • Salesforce integration screenshot
  • Salesforce SyncEzy with TSheets


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