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8 Reasons to Get Off the Clock

By Zena Brand

For many companies, managing time and attendance has been synonymous with installing time clocks. After all, we all know that managing employee time is critical to managing your business effectively. But time clocks, not so much.

Time Tracking and Employee Costs

In today's world of online applications, cloud computing, mobile technology and mobile workers, time clocks just don't fit in. Time clocks are stationary by definition when the worker is not. They are static when the work is not. And they are simplistic when the business is not. So here are 8 reasons to get off the clock, the time clock that is, and look at online and mobile time tracking solutions that better match your workforce and your business today.

1: You have employees who are online, mobile, remote or all of the above. With employees at customer sites, in multiple locations or working remotely, time clocks simply don't work. Online and mobile time tracking solutions match the way your employees work. With the right solution, your employees can use any PC or mobile device they already have to track time.

2: You track time by customer or project. If you're accounting for time in a detailed way, your employees need to be able to track it the same way. Time clocks don't provide for this kind of detailed information.

3: You bill customers for time and need good information. Companies who bill time need accurate, detailed and timely information. Using manual timesheets to supplement time clock data is a pain;timesheets are typically “created” after the fact (like the day timesheets are due) and still need to be re–entered into the billing system.

4: You need real time information. Your business needs real time alerts about impending overtime, who didn't clock in or to see who's working now.

5: You want simple payroll and invoicing system connections. Time clocks that output payroll files typically need to be configured for a specific payroll system. A good online and mobile time tracking solution will provide more flexible options. And interfacing billable information right into your invoicing system makes the process faster and more accurate.

6: You are looking for a cost effective solution. Online and mobile time tracking solutions use existing computers and employee phone access – no additional investment is needed in clocks, upgrades, repairs and maintenance contracts.

7: You need a secure system accessed by a password. Enough said.

8: You want a solution that your employees will actually use. Going through the expense of implementing a time and attendance system and then having to nag your employees to use it is counterproductive. Companies spend a lot of time reminding employees to clock in and out. Getting everyone on the same page about time tracking is so much easier if all your employees have ready access, automatic reminders for the occasional mistake, and a solution that is fun to use.

With better time tracking solutions available, now might be the right time for your business to clock out of clocks.

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