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TECH LOVE: Building People-Focused Products With Passion

By Zena Brand

One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to work with innovative companies who are building exciting new HR, payroll and time tracking applications in new technologies. These companies take a novel approach to how they envision and build products. Their goal? Design solutions that people love to use.

Online Time Tracker

So what makes these companies different? Overall, everything. They have a focus on the customer. They share a vision of the value they are creating for clients. They build products with passion. Their developers are experts in the technology they select. They manage the customer experience from the first website touch during the buying process through account start–up into building a community with long-term clients.

Basically, they focus on doing what they do really well. It's very exciting.

What do they do every day?

  1. They believe that users are entitled to a quality experience from the business solutions they use at work that is as intuitive, responsive and smart as the personal applications they consume. They believe that employees should love using the solution.
  2. They design with the end in mind. That is, they take a fresh view of the functionality that people need and then build it the way it will be used. Their design is simple, intuitive and uncluttered. This design dramatically cuts down on training, user adoption time and customer service calls–a winning strategy for all concerned.
  3. They build in integration. Knowing from the start that their product will connect with others means that they build the connectors into the architecture, creating the opportunity to integrate seamlessly with other solutions.
  4. They share a passion for delighting users. While some companies talk about customer satisfaction as a strategic objective, trust me, it's very different experience when everyone on the team believes it and delivers delightful service every day.

The result? Products like TSheets time tracking software. TSheets is a perfect poster child to represent these new solutions. If you speak with Matt Rissell, CEO, the first thing he'll tell you about his product is that, “People love to use TSheets.” Employees love it because it makes sense and it's easy to use. Managers love it because their employees quickly adopt using it and don't need to be nagged about tracking their time. And, it makes payroll and client invoicing easier and more accurate.

What impressed me? TSheets has a near perfect customer satisfaction score and client retention record. With over 2,000 companies using the product, TSheets functionality is intuitive, flexible and fast. The reporting capabilities provide metrics and graphical reporting. And, TSheets is fun to use.

I love my job. And thanks to TSheets, I love to time track now, too.

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