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A Checklist to Help You Decide

When Time Tracking Software is a Must

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If you are not currently tracking employee time or are only tracking time with paper time cards or manual time clocks, can a real–time tracking solution make a difference?

You might be looking for ways to improve the productivity of your business – for ways to operate more efficiently or perhaps even get more value from employee time. Take the pulse of your organization with the simple list of questions below, to determine if your business could benefit from online, accurate time tracking:

Your company has hourly employees

You have a mobile workforce

Employees work at multiple jobsites or in remote locations

Employee accountability and verification of employee location is critical

You want your employees to understand and respect the value of company time

You need to know who's working, in real time

You need to ensure employees are paid accurately for the time they work

Paper timesheets or punch time cards have become too difficult to manage

You need a way of measuring the productivity of your organization

Accurately measuring the cost of goods or projects is a challenge

You need a way to accurately calculate job costing and forecasting numbers

You need a way to securely preserve employee data and history

You need a way to ensure overtime, PTO, and vacation are calculated correctly, kept in check and paid out properly

And finally, if your business hears these common complaints, it's DEFINITELY time for online timesheets!

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