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Set and forget, with the Pay Rate Engine

The overtime, weekend and public holiday pay calculator.

Pay rate engine field.

Customise for one or all

The Pay Rate Engine is designed to allow user-defined customisation for individual employees, groups or the entire company. Just set up the relevant rules and conditions, assign them to the corresponding employees, and TSheets will start working immediately.

The pay rules and conditions can include:

  • Multiple rates by hours of the day.
  • Overtime rates by week or pay period.
  • Different pay rates on different days of the week.
Set holiday rule field.

Preset public holiday dates and rates in advance

If your business is open during the holidays, plan ahead and key in the relevant dates and rates so the info automatically kicks in when the time comes.

TSheets is the No. 1 rated remote employee time tracking software with advanced overtime.

TSheets time tracking and scheduling software on desktop.

From timesheets to payslips in minutes

Employee hours can be scheduled, tracked, managed and approved in TSheets. Admins can run reports and download the data and upload it into the accounting and payroll software of choice. It’s that easy.

Need a payroll provider? Check out our app integrations.

Man in a coffee shop using TSheets reporting software.

Defined visibility of labour trends

Labour is often a business’ biggest but most controllable resource. At any time, users can see a breakdown of how labour is distributed across the different projects and seasons from the TSheets dashboard. By studying the possible costly trends and activities, businesses can budget and quote more accurately for the future.

Mobile timesheet app.

Mobile app for timesheets on any device

The Pay Rate Engine compliments an existing arsenal of rich features. Tracking and managing employee time is easy with our Apple and Android-friendly timesheet app. And the ‘Who’s Working’ window instantly informs managers and administrators who’s on the clock, where they’re at and what they’ve been working on — in real-time. For those who manage a specific group or team, the crew function helps them clock their teams in and out all at once, from a mobile device.

Iphone using tsheets mobile time tracking app with gps.

GPS time clocks put employees on the map

It’s easy to dismiss a GPS time clock as nothing more than workforce policing. But it’s true benefits lie with employees. Workers have indisputable proof and record for the work they’ve done, whilst managers and administrators are always in-the-know of employee whereabouts in case of emergencies. The TSheets GPS time tracker is also designed to be respectful, so it turns off once employees clock out.

Here’s how Aussie employees really feel about GPS time tracking

Access the Pay Rate Engine and accurate-to-the-second timesheets