Get to Know: JobFLEX


JobFLEX allows contractors to quickly and easily create comprehensive, professional-looking quotes and estimates for customers—no tech savvy needed. The mobile app gives service professionals the ability to deliver estimates on the spot, with or without a cellular connection. Create and edit customizable forms, then just drag and drop line item costs, materials, and photos. When you're finished, preview, email or print the estimate with one tap.

Piles of paperwork be damned! JobFLEX website


Android (a web app and iOS app are coming in 2016)

Key Features

  • Estimates can be created with or without Wi-Fi/a cell signal
  • Easy to build, editable materials list
  • Include photos in estimates for reference and a professional touch
  • Customizable formats for each estimate
  • Preview, email, or print estimates with just a tap
  • Free, unlimited support



1 user license, estimates for up to 50 customers.

Basic version

$9/month. 1 user license, unlimited customer estimates. Also includes file storage.

Pro version

$39/month. Up to 5 user licenses, unlimited estimates. The paid version of the app includes access to an online portal, training, file directory, customer management features, calendar, and reporting features.

Awards and Press


With JobFLEX, we can generate quotes in the field in just a few minutes (it used to take an hour), offer customers package options, and our entire staff can access project files from anywhere. It helped to increase conversions by over 15%.Leo V., GreenFIT Homes
I'm no wizard with technology, but the JobFLEX app is so easy to use, even I can do it. JobFLEX is the only estimating app I've found that lets me include different packages for my clients to choose from. Upselling is a lot easier now.Marvonne B., TLC Services
Having that faster turnaround time, especially for a small shop like ours, is allowing us to pound the pavement more to generate new business, where before we were getting bogged down in creating estimates and reports.Jason S. , 401(e) Home Energy Service
I manage a lot of different jobs and have a huge materials list that's tough to keep track of. With JobFLEX, I can update my materials list quickly and easily and provide great looking proposals to my customers.Mark L.
Our target market is small and medium size contractors who are interested in growing their business with simple, easy to use technology. Kim Phillpi, Creator of JobFLEX


  • Intuitive, easy to use. No tech-savvy needed
  • No internet or cell connection needed
  • Unlimited support
  • Professional estimates without a lot of effort


  • No iPhone integration—yet (a web app and an iOS app are coming in 2016)

Key Benefits

JobFLEX is well-suited for:

  • Residential contractors
  • General contractors
  • Specialty Providers
  • Project budgets under $10 million
  • Distributors and manufacturers
The longer it takes you to get that estimate into the customer's hands, the more likely it is that someone else will get the job. With JobFLEX we have created a system that allows you to get the quote or estimate into the client's hands before you even leave the job site, and estimates can be built even in remote locations with limited Wi-Fi or cellular service. Kim Phillpi, Creator of JobFLEX

Save time: With easily accessible, drag-and-drop materials lists, and customizable formats available at just a touch, creating an estimate takes a fraction of the time. It's also possible to include value-adding photos to your estimates with just a few taps of the screen

Save paper: Not only do paper estimates lend themselves to messy handwriting and crossed out changes, but they slow you down. The time it takes to transfer notes and material costs into a paper estimate could very well be the time it takes for a competitor to swoop in and seal the deal. Legible, editable estimates inspire confidence in your customers.

Be the early bird: Speed is of the essence when it comes to bids and securing jobs. Customers are far more likely to accept and sign on a bid when it comes back quickly, in a format that looks professional and contains all the necessary information in writing. And, if more than one bid is on the line, many customers will simply move forward with the first bid. JobFlex allows you to create and send estimates, complete with photos, before you've even left the jobsite.

Tech savvy tools: Today's customers expect their service-providers to be as tech-savvy as they are—a source of stress for many contractors. However, with JobFLEX's intuitive interface and functionality that takes the stress out of tech, you can deliver the quick, electronic results customers want without being a app junkie yourself.

Runner Up

This estimating and invoicing app has many of the same great features as JobFLEX, but includes an Android and iPhone version, and invoicing to boot. Rated the #1 app for contractors by Bucket Contractor.

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