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Biometric Time Clock

A simple solution with photo capture and facial recognition

  • Make time theft a thing of the past
  • Eliminate inaccurate and faulty timesheets
  • Prevent buddy punching with facial recognition

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TSheets Kiosk and photo capture to help end buddy punching.

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TSheets Kiosk is a touch-free biometric solution

End Buddy Punching

Are you concerned about employees clocking each other in and out? This practice, known as buddy punching, costs small businesses $373 million per year.

Increased Accountability

Employee photos provide additional information to help hold employees accountable. Admins and managers can view photos on employees' timesheets at any time.

Photo Capture and Facial Recognition

TSheets Kiosk is a simple punch clock solution with photo capture. Photos for biometric facial recognition are touch free, and easier to set up and verify than thumbprint scanners, which can fail in dusty environments or with dirty fingers.

How It Works

Enabling the photo capture feature on your kiosk automatically takes a photo of each smiling employee as they clock in or out from a job. If facial recognition (coming soon!) detects any issues, an admin or manager is notified right away.

Customer Stories

Trusted by Thousands of Customers All Over the World.

Using Square and TSheets together has made running our business easy for both our employees and our managers. Jon Frech Co-Founder, Black Oak Coffee Roasters
This is an amazing solution. And I love that I don't have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours. Andrew Walsh Owner, Terra Dura Landscaping
With 70 employees, we found a way to save $35,000 a year on labor expenses without losing a single employee. Jim Jackson CEO, Royal Bluff Orchard

Track Time Anywhere, On Any Device

TSheets is your go-to time tracking solution, no matter how your employees need to track time. In addition to our Kiosk punch clock with facial recognition, TSheets offers mobile apps with GPS employee tracking to help manage teams on the move. Set up reminders for employees to clock in and out, manage overtime and even create and manage schedules within the TSheets app. Then review and approve employee time with a simple click!

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