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Katherine McBeth|March 10, 2020

12 things you could do with the 3 hours you’ll save with TSheets

Automated time tracking and automated payroll are a match made in heaven. Business owners who use TSheets for time tracking report saving 3 hours, on average, every time they run payroll.* When they don’t have to chase down timesheets or fumble with manual time entries, business owners can spend more time growing their businesses. And when […]

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Joseph Patterson|February 27, 2020

How one Idaho nonprofit is nurturing girls’ interest in STEM

From science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) come some of the most revered jobs in the world. They’re the overarching industries of doctors and programmers, of architects and astronauts. They’re also fields that have been historically dominated by men. Although the number of women in STEM is growing, statistics show unequal numbers of men to women […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 22, 2019

5 easy in-office Earth Day ideas from the TSheets green team

Unlike almost any other holiday, Earth Day is a global event. It’s celebrated by more than 1 billion people in 192 countries on April 22, and why not? No matter our beliefs, gender, race, or pronunciation of “tomato,” we all live on the same planet, share the same oceans, and breathe the same air. Celebrating […]

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Joseph Patterson|March 1, 2019

Employees tracked 845 million hours in 2018—time to show ‘em some love

Employee Appreciation Day, here in the U.S., is always the first Friday in March (also known as the perfect opportunity to gift everyone a three-day weekend, amiright?).While still an unofficial holiday, Employee Appreciation Day got its start years ago. Dr. Bob Nelson, author and motivational speaker, is credited with its creation. And like Valentine’s Day, […]

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Dorothy Chong|February 22, 2019

Women's achievements in tech start with empowering girls in STEM

How TSheets and the SheTech conference are helping educators and parents become allies for girls in STEMSheTech Explorer Day is a free hands-on, tech conference for Idaho’s ninth- to 12th-grade girls, wherein participants are exposed to STEM fields such as robotics, computer engineering, digital media, health, and microbiology.Women Innovators (W.IN) is the nonprofit advocacy and […]

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Joseph Patterson|January 11, 2019

One Year of Service Makes a Lifetime of Difference

TSheets employees donate 1,000+ volunteer hours, $79K to local causes. Here’s why they make volunteering a priority.Here at TSheets, aside from service dogs and golfing in costume, there are few things we love more than giving back to our communities. It’s been part of our company’s traditions, long before we joined the Intuit family. Thanks […]

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Myranda Mondry|November 1, 2018

Customer Support Is at Your Fingertips

Chat with a TSheets Guru — the help you need, the dial tone you don’tDeanna Roe, TSheets Chat GuruIf you can type faster than you can speak or prefer to communicate exclusively on digital platforms, it’s likely nothing derails your day like having to call a company’s customer support line. After all, not everyone wants […]

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Joseph Patterson|September 21, 2018

What 4 Animals, 70 Blankets, and 300 Bracelets Have in Common

They all found good homes. These numbers and more from our Week of Service breakdown.Last week, we introduced you to Intuit’s Week of Service and told you about how our 338-member TSheets team rocked that tradition with our first-ever weeklong service event.It was a week of giving back, of learning how we can better assist […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 6, 2018

You Asked, We Delivered — Attach Photos Now!

*New* Add photos to timesheets with the touch of a buttonWe love releasing new features, especially ones that have been a long time coming. But even when we have a feature we can’t wait to get out, it’s important to us that we vet it fully to make sure the feature we release is the […]

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Myranda Mondry|March 29, 2018

How Much Time and Money Does TSheets Actually Save?

We say it all the time, “TSheets saves you time and money!” But exactly how much?To get to the bottom of things, we surveyed 924 businesses that use TSheets for time tracking, payroll, and/or invoicing. Here’s what we found.TSheets saves, on average, 6 percent on payroll costs*Tracking employee hours with TSheets means you only pay […]

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