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Why Idaho Is THE Best Place To Work (From The Best Places To Work in Idaho)

Myranda Mondry | April 14, 2017
TSheets is beyond excited to be the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Idaho for the third year running! Our team had so much fun celebrating the night away with our fellow 49 honorees. That's right. This year, 50 amazing Idaho companies were recognized among the very best places to work. We were beyond elated to see so many entrepreneurs and business leaders working hard (and playing hard) to make their companies awesome places to work. After all, we <3 employees, and we want employees everywhere to be just as proud of their business (and happy to go to work!) as our employees are here at TSheets. But we were even more elated to see that there are so many awesome places to work right here in our home state. Which, to non-Idahoans, might be the very last place you'd expect to find innovative, fun, and thriving businesses. However, to those who live and work here in the Gem State, it comes as no surprise. Want to know why?We asked the Best Places to Work in Idaho, “What makes Idaho THE best place to work?” Here's what they had to say: 

High quality of life, low cost of living

With easy access to the great outdoors, a shorter-than-average daily commute, and a plethora of year-round recreational activities, Idaho employees enjoy a seriously awesome quality of life paired with a super-affordable cost of living. 

Sayonara Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, the country's biggest tech hub, is spendy, smug, and, quite frankly, smoggy. Many Idaho entrepreneurs have discovered that the Treasure Valley offers many of the same big-city perks without the big-city drawbacks. 

Power to the people

Year-round outdoor recreation is definitely a perk of Idaho living, but ask any Idahoan and they'll tell you that the people of Idaho really set the state apart. We're not just nice, we're “Boise nice” — and business owners around the country can't help but find themselves drawn to the power of our people. 

Taking care of business

TSheets CEO Matt Rissell vehemently believes that "rural" Idaho is going to be America’s next great tech hub — and we're definitely starting to see it. After all, Idaho was recently named the No. 3 state with the fastest job growth by MSN Money, and Boise has been called the No. 1 city "where the jobs will be" by Forbes magazine. Idaho entrepreneurs are taking care of business from Boise to Burley and back again. 

What makes a company THE best place to work?

Check out these top tips from the best places to work in Idaho 2016.

Want to learn more about what makes Idaho such an awesome place to live and work?

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