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Customer Support Is at Your Fingertips

Myranda Mondry | November 1, 2018

Chat with a TSheets Guru — the help you need, the dial tone you don’t

Deanna Roe, TSheets Chat Guru

If you can type faster than you can speak or prefer to communicate exclusively on digital platforms, it’s likely nothing derails your day like having to call a company’s customer support line. After all, not everyone wants or likes to be on the phone. To adapt to tech-centric customers and communicators, TSheets has a team dedicated to online chat, and that team is growing. Our group of 13 Chat Gurus will be a group of 18 by the end of the year. That’s 18 real, friendly humans — not chatbots — ready to answer those hard-hitting questions and help your business succeed.The TSheets Chat Gurus have tackled over 182,000 chats this year alone. And with a typical 12-second response time, the team has saved customers like you over 36,000 hours in administrative time! If you’ve never used our chat feature, it might be time to give it a try.  

Chat support gets you back on track

Imagine for a moment you’re setting up an integration with TSheets. It can be a tricky task, especially if you’ve never done it before. You get stuck and you need a hand, but you’re away from your phone. Don’t disrupt your workflow! Jump over to the TSheets website and hit the blue “Live Chat” button. Your very own Chat Guru will be waiting to walk you through the integration setup step by step. No question is too big or small. Our Chat Gurus have you covered, helping you reset your password, change your account settings, find training videos for employees, and more. Just need someone to tell you a joke? Chat with us! And in the event you’ve been chatting for a while and decide you want to get TSheets support over the phone, your Chat Guru can have a phone representative call you right away — easy! If you need to get away from your desk for a moment, no problem. Chat windows remain open for seven minutes before closing. But don’t worry. If the timer runs out, just open a new chat session. Your new Chat Guru can connect you to the previous rep on your case.  

Take it from a TSheets customer

“My review is for my first customer service experience with TSheets since we started with them. I worked with Brooke T., and she was amazing. We have worked with several companies like TSheets that have a live chat service, [but] we have never worked with one that was so quick and easy. Brooke T. is a real person, not a robot, and that made it 100 times easier to explain the situation. Literally, the quickest, easiest, and nicest live chat customer service experience ever. You rock, Brooke!” — Andrea L.
So what do you say? Join the fun, save yourself some time, and get back to the business. TSheets Chat Gurus are available Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mountain Time. Don’t be shy! The best support is at your fingertips.
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