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Everything You Need to Know About GPS Tracking

Joseph Patterson | September 29, 2015
Welcome to GPS time tracking, designed for the mobile workforce. At TSheets, we know that knowledge is power — which means that knowing where your employees are at in real time can give you the power to help your mobile workforce stay organized, be more efficient and work as a team. We also know know that you might have a few questions about GPS. For instance, how does it work? Does it track data all the time? When does it turn off? What do my employees need to know?

Those are all great questions, so let’s start with the fundamentals of TSheets’ GPS tracking:

TSheets GPS: Getting Started

[accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="Are there any other settings that need to be turned on for GPS to work properly?"] Location services must be enabled for the TSheets app or the entire device.[/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="When does GPS start tracking, and how often is GPS data gathered?"] TSheets GPS begins tracking when an employee clocks in. Location information is recorded when the employee clocks in, changes job codes, adds notes or clocks out. GPS location points are also recorded at regular 5-10 minute intervals while the employee is on the clock.[/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="Does GPS track employee locations while employees are off the clock?"]No. When an employee clocks out for lunch, a break or end-of-day, both time tracking and GPS turn off, respecting your employees’ personal time.[/accordion_item][/accordion]  

Flexible GPS Features — For Employers

TSheets’ advanced features allow employers to customize the GPS settings for their employees. How? [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="Can I choose whether GPS activation is optional or required?"]Yes. To make location tracking a prerequisite for an employee to track time, just go to the employee’s “permissions” tab and select “require location to track time." The employee will only be able to clock in once their GPS is activated.[/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="What happens if my employee turns off location services while logged in to TSheets?"]If you require GPS to be turned on while an employee is on the clock, and an employee turns location services off while he or she is clocked in, the employee will be clocked out and prompted to turn location services back on to clock back in.[/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="Can I apply my preferences globally and to individuals?"]Yes. Our flexible GPS location tracking feature can be turned on or off for employees on an individual basis, or globally.[/accordion_item][/accordion]  

How to Use TSheets GPS Features — For Employees

Tracking time is easy with our mobile app, and adding GPS to your time card makes for more efficient routing, audit proof invoicing, and improved safety on the job.[accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="Is there anything I need to do to get started?"]If you’ve been given mobile permissions, just make sure your “location services” are “on” within your privacy settings on your mobile device. That’s it![/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="What should I do if I get a message saying, “Unable to clock in”?"]It may mean your location services are turned off.[/accordion_item][/accordion] [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style=""][accordion_item title="I just got clocked out. What happened?"]If location services are turned off while you’re clocked in, TSheets may automatically clock you out, depending on the company settings specified by an administrator. Just turn location services back on to clock back in.[/accordion_item][/accordion]    And that’s it! Not only does GPS help make sure time is tracked accurately and efficiently on the go, but it’s as easy as pie! Need more information? Contact us or read more about TSheets Mobile Time Tracking with GPS. 
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