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Kelly B's Insider Tips to Successful Travel

Myranda Mondry | August 15, 2015
The hustle and bustle of weekly travel for work might look like a lot of car time, flight time, or a combination of both. When you are gone more than you're home during the week, it's helpful to have a plan for the things you need.PROTeam2015_3Below are seven helpful tips from our very own Kelly Bistriceanu--accounting superstar, amazing member of our TSheets team, and our favorite resident traveler. (If you have yet to meet Kelly, she's the gal in the middle!) When asked what her top tips are for surviving the road (or the air), Kelly offered up a few words of wisdom on how to travel like a pro!

Kelly Bistriceanu's Top Seven Travel Tips

Make sure that you have a mileage program for all major airlines. (Rewards and kickbacks are awesome!)

When you travel like I do, these add up quickly and offer some stellar perks! I can’t tell you how many wasted miles I lost at the beginning of this year because I didn’t take the time to sign up. 5959309349_58aea27d32_bIt literally takes 60 seconds per airline. I would recommend you at least sign up for Delta and United to rack up some good points! (Get more tips on how to make the most of those miles!) 

If possible, it's worth it to spring for the more direct flights.

Working for TSheets has made me very aware of the value of my time. Time is valuable, and let's be honest- you probably hate layovers as much as I do!8790249736_fd3ed89b20_bIf a $30 increase in flight cost will save me an entire half day in traveling, I personally think it’s worth it to pay a little extra! Beating the stress of late arrivals, and having more control over your schedule will boost the overall feeling of your trip as a whole.  

Window seats and your tray table are your ticket to catching some good Zzz's en route.

Honestly, I sleep with my head down on the tray table. I’m tall enough that it gets uncomfortable to lay back so I’ve found the best thing to do is pull the tray table out and place a jacket (or blanket) down on it and then just fold over and sleep. I wouldn’t recommend it for a solid 8 hours but a 20 minute power nap works wonders! And it’s way more comfortable than the neck pillows!4855125474_10cc61b95d_bNever underestimate a power nap on a plane! Toss in your earbuds and let yourself rest, because once you land, you're going to need it.  

Very few actually want to dress up for a travel day, so wearing your branded apparel is a great choice.

Wearing company swag provides conversation starters and, as a bonus, helps you pack a little lighter. Of course, working for a company like TSheets makes this easy. TSheets tshirts anyone? 11136753_911978168824956_1724617119468536397_nI once randomly met someone that worked for Intuit on a plane from Chicago to Rhode Island and had an amazing conversation with them purely because I was wearing my TSheets shirt and she had her Intuit backpack on. We wouldn’t have known we had common interests had we not had our branding. Plus, everybody asks, “What’s TSheets?!” And you never know who is listening! Every flight attendant I've encountered while traveling has asked me about TSheets! It’s a great way to get to know people and start up conversations about something you love. 

Put together a bag full of sample sizes of your favorite beauty products and toiletries.

Only use this bag when you travel, and you will be sure to always have what you need. I have a separate bag that I keep just for my work travels-it really is one less thing to worry about when I am trying to get out of town. Knowing that I always have that packed and ready means that I only have to replenish that supply as needed.20500327656_b7bbfc5656_bSephora is a fantastic place to get free samples! l always ask for sample sizes of full size products when I’m buying them. They don’t always have them available but when they do, they’ll gladly give them to you! It’s nice to have the same products you love to use daily while on the road. It’s a great way to make sure you look and feel as good on the go as you do at home! 

Make a run to the store or market before you leave.

Stock up on healthy non-perishables, and never rely on the hotel or conference venue to have healthy options. Trader Joe’s, anyone? I’ve actually taken Ubers to Trader Joe's just to stock up on the essentials! TJsIt’s especially helpful when you’re traveling for business and have a per diem. You’ll spend a lot less money on a $50 grocery trip than on expensive restaurant meals in different cities, plus it’s a lot healthier! (Stumped on what to pack for the travel munchies? Tiffany from The Gracious Pantry has some fabulous ideas!) 

Always bring along multiple devices, such as your iPad, laptop, and smart phone.

4293966039_6c28a675c8_oThis gives you backup. Additionally, charge on the go--purchasing a power brick is a must. The best thing I ever did for frequent travel was invest in a power brick. Every airport is different and while more airports have charging stations, you can’t always rely on that. There is nothing worse than getting home at 1:30am after a long trip and not having a charged cell phone to call family or a friend for an airport pickup. It brings great peace of mind knowing you’ll always be fully charged and within reach. (The HP Slim is a great option and comes in at just under $50.) Finally, if you download those pesky books that you've been meaning to get to, your reading will be caught up before you land!  Interested in more from Kelly and our accounting friends? Become a TSheets PRO today! TSheets Time Tracking. We Heart Employees.button
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