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#QBConnectOrBust 2014: The Highlight Reel

Myranda Mondry | October 23, 2015

A Conference. A Road Trip. An Entertaining Tale.

This time last year, the first ever QuickBooks Connect was about to go down. Seven of the brightest accounting minds, including TSheets' own Kelly B, chose to drive from Palm Springs to San Jose for the main event. (Crazy? Maybe.) To pay homage, we’d like to take a minute and remember their journey. In case you’re wondering-- yes, they survived.

QB Connect Or Bust: A Poem  

By now you’ve heard with your own ears, And our big news has dashed your fears.In San Jose, it all goes down, Make your plans, and register now!It never hurts to be prepared, So pack your snacks and don’t be scared.TJsBefore we see your smiling face,And shake your hand all in one place,We must remember last year’s fun.Let’s take a peek at what’s been done. For at this time, a year before, Adventure waited just out the door. 10257894_10205234282204864_1840737725840740374_nWith bags all packed, their coffee in hand,Our group set out across the land.‘Twer seven in total to take the ride, In a rental van, all crammed They soon went viral, this little bunch,And Twitter showed us what they had for lunch.Their QB flags flew, with no need for their horn. But rumors were circling of a unicorn.1962864_825451107477663_3855304331599074301_nIn splendid fashion the time did passAnd Richard saved them from running out of gas!coffeeinhandWriting songs and playing kazoos, #QBConnectOrBust was definitely no snooze. Memories were made while the van rolled along, And hilarity ensued as they wrote a new song. Relief filled hearts-- San Jose was in view!Their journey now old, that once had been new.They laughed and they smiled, for they had come far,And even dear Richard was still in the car!victoryshot And so, in closing, we won’t forget That this year, too, the dates are set!O’er the mountains and t’ward the sea,Our fearless bunch seeks #QBConnect 2015!Follow along on this audacious ride. We hope to see YOU on the other side! 

There You Have It

Whether or not you approve of our mad poetry skills, we hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. (Get it? Trip...lane…) This year’s road trip promises to be even more epic, as the group will be live streaming all of their adventures and mishaps live, on Periscope! (You can follow @KellyTSheets!) What better way to begin the 2nd annual QB Connect conference than by laughing at...we mean, enjoying our brave and not-so-weary travelers! Have a road trip tale of your own? Share it with The Seven using the Twitter hashtag: #QBConnectOrBust. They will be reading them live as they roll along! 

Haven't registered yet for QB Connect 2015? Get On It! 

QB Connect

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