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#QBConnectOrBust 2015

Myranda Mondry | October 30, 2015

5 Road Trip Must-Haves For Traveling To San Jose

The final countdown has begun, our QB Connect Road Warriors are heading out on their 2nd Annual #QBConnectOrBust road trip from Palm Springs to San Jose. Everyone knows that the packing strategy for a road trip is an integral part of your trip’s success or failure, and we definitely want to win on the way to San Jose! So, without further ado, here are the five must-have’s for the QB Connect Or Bust team -- and you! -- as you make your way to sunny California.

Brand Apparel

[caption id="attachment_23258" align="alignnone" width="600"]Showing some love for Expensify and Intuit Showing some love for Expensify and Intuit[/caption] Traveling in and proudly sporting your branded apparel is both a comfortable way to travel and an easy conversation tool. Comfort combined with team spirit is a double rainbow in our book.tumblr_inline_n3vbxicDR41qzjrx8We at TSheets know that our t-shirts are the softest around, but if you haven’t had a chance to grab one from us yet, you will get your shot this year at our booth! If you have them, wear ‘em! We want to see your TSheets swag from here to California, on the road and in the air. TSheets shirts are everywhere!We would love for you to wear your TSheets shirt to our very own Matt Rissell’s session (which just so happens to fall on a #TSheetsTuesday!) while at the conference! TSheets selfie with the main man? We say yes.


Electronic Recording Devices

Be sure to pack your phone, laptop, and possibly even your iPad or Android tablet. In this case, go overboard. Less is not more -- more is more. (Following us?) Pack. All. The. Things. apple-iphone-desk-office-mediumThe #QBConnectOrBust crew will be filming their journey from Periscope, and they want you to come along! Whether you are able to attend in person, or virtually, we want you plugged in. They'll be sharing their adventures, plus the stories that you share with them, and all from the road!This is not the time to be camera shy. We want to see those road trip and travel selfies on social, so get after it! Tag us on Twitter so that we can be a part of your journey to QBC 2015.Full Group Fancy Thursday Fun

The Munchies

We all get them, and on a road trip, they just get worse. So be prepared and fill your bag with healthy and fun choices, both salty and sweet. Okay, and maybe a few not-so-healthy but just-plain-yummy selections too. (Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, anyone?) TJsStay hydrated with fruit, cure the salty craving with a blend of dried fruit and nuts, and throw in some dark chocolate for good measure. Kelly B’s travel tips say that you cannot be made to choose between sparkling and still water, so we say pack a few of each! Get all those bases covered, and you will be ready to hit the road!

The Ultimate Playlist

tumblr_nd91voSZ8Z1sjbr2bo1_400Whether your jam is R&B, alternative or an all-around mix, having the ultimate road trip playlist at your disposal is a non-negotiable. Practice those dance moves for the HUGE TSheets party, once you arrive at QB Connect!Good tunes demand a cushy set of earbuds. If you have been putting off getting that new set, don’t wait any longer! DO IT. Your ears will thank you. We like these, but let us know what you think.

A Spirit Animal

beyoncemugIn the midst of travel, it is always important to have your alter ego on hand, just in case. It might be in the form of a good drink, your favorite jam or possibly something more (like last year's unicorn head that also made it's way down to San Jose). While we're not sure if the unicorn will be making a second appearance this year (one can only hope), we do know that travel tends to bring out the best -- and the wackiest -- in all of us. All in good fun, of course, as this is just part of the journey, right? (No? Well, this is awkward.) Whether or not you have discovered your road trip spirit animal, never fear. You can borrow our #UnicornLibations anytime.unnamed

The Countdown Is On

Try to contain your excitement, because QB Connect 2015 is nearly here. If you haven’t gotten to a computer to register yet, there’s still time! Then, pack your bags, because it’s off to San Jose for the ride of your life! Don’t forget to follow our Fearless 7 on the road from Palm Springs to San Jose. You can follow @KellyTSheets on Periscope to stay up to date on their adventure. Remember to share your road trip stories via Twitter, and hear them shared live during their excursion!

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