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Tbooks? FreshSheets? Take your pick.

Joseph Patterson | November 11, 2008

Oooooo-eeee, this is one hot potato!  Whether you want to call it TBooks, FreshSheets, or downright awesome, you heard it right – TSheets is now fully integrated with popular invoicing software FreshBooks. Now that’s what I call getting things done!

FreshBooks users can now rejoice as their prayers for a better time tracker have been answered, while our loyal TSheets customers finally have that invoicing package they’ve been asking for for quite a while.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.  Perhaps you’re not as excited about this as I am.  Perhaps you’re not quite familiar with who and/or what FreshBooks is?  FreshBooks is an invoicing software solution aimed primarily at small business owners and freelancers (sounds familiar already, no?).  They’re built on the premise that billing is a pain, and shouldn’t be.  They realize you’ve tried QuickBooks (and the 100+ operations needed to output an invoice), Excel and Word (looks kinda un-professional doesn’t it?) and came out with something simple, affordable, and easy to use.  Again…does any of this philosophy sound familiar?  To wrap it all up in one sentence or less: FreshBooks is the missing link between your business and getting paid, in a simple and efficient manner.

A quick view of the FreshBooks forums reveals that their users have been asking for a better time tracking solution.  A quick view of Matt Rissell’s inbox reveals that TSheets customers have been asking for an invoicing package for quite a while as well.  And I’m not sure who bought who drinks, but I can bet that there was an argument as to who would pick up the tab, as this is a win:win situation for both companies.

Remember, with TSheets you’ve not only got a way to track your time, but unlike a number of Time Trackers on the market, TSheets allows you to track specific job codes, projects, and sub-projects with an actual time stamp and not just simply ‘hours worked’.  A seemingly simple act, but not when you listen to Brandon Zehm, our CTO discuss the technology involved on the backend of the process.

So loyal fans of the TSheets – you asked, we listened, and together with FreshBooks, we’re delivering.  Starting today our Freelancer, Business, and Platinum accounts will now feature the full power of FreshBooks invoicing features for pain free invoicing of any number of clients.

The way we see it, the FreshBooks integration only furthers our commitment to you:

The TSheets Philosophy: Make the life of the small business owner simpler, easier, and more productive.

The TSheets Audacious Goal: Empower the world’s business owners every day.

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