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The Awesome TSheets Feature You're Probably Not Using

Myranda Mondry | September 3, 2015

Advanced Time Tracking For Advanced Business Insight

What if there was a way to break down the specifics of each job or task within your job or customer list? A way to allow employees to not only select a customer and job from their list, but also select a task, input an address, or track their mileage? Sound too good to be true? Allow us to introduce you to the world of advanced time tracking.

Advanced time tracking allows you to...

  • Track all the details, including mileage, cost codes, tasks, notes, and more!
  • Assign specific advanced time tracking fields to other custom field items or job codes
  • Require your employees to fill out advanced time tracking fields for time entry (or don't!)
  • Choose between free-form text or a drop-down menu

Advanced time tracking only takes a few minutes to configure, and once you do, all those seemingly minor (but exponentially important) details -- like tracking mileage for a project, or having an employee clock into a task within a job code -- are covered.

Let's take a look at what advanced time tracking can do for your bottom line.

How it works

Tracking time spent on multiple jobs or projects often means that employees will perform a number of separate tasks within each job code. Advanced time tracking gives you the ability to track time separately against each of these tasks -- resulting in extremely valuable business insight. For example, let's say you're the owner of a booming construction company (as if there's any other kind). You have three crews out in the field on a daily basis, and they all track time with TSheets (of course). When you run the project report for the pay period, you would like to be able to see what each crew worked on at each job site and for how long. With advanced time tracking, this is possible! Once advanced time tracking is enabled on your TSheets account, you can add a task within a job code. From there, your crew leaders or employees will not only select their job code upon clock-in, but also their task.

The result

Once your employees have spent some time tracking their hours using the advanced time tracking fields, your reports will be more detailed and specific. No more time spent wondering how many miles Group A traveled to get to their job site -- that information is readily available. With the ability to switch between jobs in TSheets, you will be able to see the breakdown between time spent traveling vs. time spent installing cabinets. Armed with this valuable information, you will then be able to forecast future projects, manage your crews more effectively, and give your employees the opportunity to manage their own hours.

Ready to get started?

Enabling advanced time tracking on your TSheets account is easy. Navigate to your TSheets dashboard, select "Advanced time tracking" under "Set up" in the left navigation menu, and start creating advanced time tracking fields!Need even more help or want to add additional fields? We totally get it. Give us a call at 888.836.2720 -- we're always happy to help!

Not even tracking your time yet? Still buried in a world of paper timesheets and hand-written notes? Try our FREE 14 day trial now and discover the power of TSheets' advanced time tracking.


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