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TSheets iPhone application – SNEAK PEEK!

Joseph Patterson | June 25, 2008

Being the copywriter for TSheets is a pretty darn cool gig, I must admit.  Not only do I get to work with a bunch of great folks, write about a product that I truly believe in, and be a part of a small business revolution; I get the inside scoop about what’s what in the Time Labs! Oh, and free doughnut Fridays aren’t bad either.

So let’s see how far I can push it before the marketing department flips it’s wig about me leaking some top-secret info….so here goes.

Ok folks, hang on to your hats, ‘cause this new cocktail of goodness that’s about to hit the streets is a nice one.  A nice one indeed.  Heard all the hype about the new iPhone 3G that’s coming out on the 11th of July?  Sure, we all have.  Did you really think that our Time Scientists didn’t have a secret batch of iPhoneness brewing up in the basement?  Of course they do!

Well friends, I got the inside track on the new TSheets/iPhone app yesterday….and all I can say is (Keanu Reeves voice) WHOA! (/Keanu Reeves voice) .  Time Scientist Matt Newbill gave me the goods yesterday with a pre release test-drive.  Oh baby!

Let’s take a step back for a second.  Have a think about everything that you already know about TSheets.  Easy to use?  Sure.  Feature rich?  You betcha.  Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound?  Not yet…but we’re working on that.  My point is: TSheets is THE time tracking answer to any small business owner.

Now let’s have a think about what we already know about the iPhone.  Easy to use?  Sure.  Feature rich?  Un huh.  Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound?  Well…if you count radio signals in this group…yes.

My point is…making a TSheets/iPhone specific application was a marriage made in heaven.  Both products are simple to use, while being remarkably robust and feature rich.  Sure, the first release of the iPhone was slammed by the business community as really being a ‘souped up consumer market phone’, and fair enough…it was.  Key phrase here being was.  With all the nicety niceness being packed into a thinner, cheaper 3G version of the iPhone all this is about to change.  Apple, as usual, listened and delivered.

The Time Scientists did their listening as well….and delivered.  While a touch screen interface is not unique to the iPhone, Apple seems to have done it better than most out on the market today.  Acknowledging and utilizing this interface, the Tteam set to work on developing an application that was not only darn simple to use, but also looks just as good as the iPhone itself.  Some key features of the new application include:

  • One Touch Job Code Switching
  • One Touch Start and Stop Timer
  • Add, Delete and Manage an unlimited number of Job Codes
  • A unique ‘Who’s Working’ section

Say it with me now….WHOA!

Yes readers, I can honestly say that the Time Scientists have really outdone themselves this time.  This is one hot potato.  Of course I managed to snap a few screenshots while I was playing around with the new app, but something tells me I’m pushing marketing’s patience right now as it is, so it looks like you’re going to have to keep your shorts on, and wait for the official July 7th release.  Yep, you heard me right…July 7, 4 days before the release of the new iPhone 3G.  Now who says we’re not ahead of the game?

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