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How TymeShift Bridged the Gap Between TSheets and Zendesk

Joseph Patterson | August 22, 2013
Time Tracking in the Zendesk Platform

Great minds might not always think alike, but they often like to work together, and build up big time innovations with collaborative brainpower. So when MPA Computers found two software solutions to manage core business functions — TSheets for time tracking and Zendesk for customer service — the company came up with a way to combine these forces for one seamless work-around tool.

After getting both companies on board, MPA Computers used the TSheets API and the backup support of our developers to launch TymeShift, a bridge between Zendesk and TSheets that helps increase the ease and accuracy of creating job codes, logging time against a ticket, tracking hours and syncing up it all. TymeShift is now available at the Zendesk app store, and has now been downloaded hundreds of times since its launch in January 2013.

Time Tracking in the Zendesk Platform

Problem solved. Read the full case study here»

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