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Yet another innovation brewing in the TLabs

Joseph Patterson | July 23, 2008

One of the benefits of working with Matt Rissell and co. is the inside track on all things TSheets.  More so, I enjoy the ‘All Access’ pass to the TLabs.  While CTO Brandon Zehm and he team of Time Scientists are constantly striving to push the envelop when it comes to personal productivity in regards to time tracking, the newest development struck me as a ‘Oh, nice one!  I’d been wondering when we were coming out with that.”

You know that we’ve already integrated with, making clocking in and out as easy as making a phone call.  We’ve recently launched a killer iPhone application that makes time tracking as simple as a swipe of a finger and a tap or two.  What else could we possibly come up with?  You’re in the right ballpark if your thoughts are staying with the mobile phone.  On a day to day basis, other than making a phone call, what else do you do with your phone?  Does the phrase Short Message Service mean anything to you?  How about if we shorten it… SMS.

Yep, B-boy Zehm and the time scientists are just tightening the last bolts and screws on an all new TSheets innovation – Clocking in and out via SMS.  Perhaps you’ve got laryngitis and can’t call in the Jott to clock in and out.  Maybe you’re in a situation where calling in isn’t practical.  It could be that you’re perfectly happy with your blackberry and have 0 interest in the new iPhone.  But chances are, if you’re a mobile worker, you’ve got a mobile phone.  And if you’ve got a mobile, you’ve texted.

In addition to clocking in and out, TSheets brings you all the mobile logging that you’ve become accustomed to, adding notes and switching job codes.  There are a few other niceties jammed into this tiny package, but let’s not let them out of the bag yet.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info on the TSheets SMS service…coming to a phone near you soon!

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