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Raise Your Cup--It’s Global Bookkeeping Week!

Myranda Mondry | September 12, 2016

Global Bookkeeping Week is here!

200That means it’s time to celebrate our incredible bookkeepers--the ones who do the hard math, stand like sentinels between us and the IRS, and tame beastly payroll into a gentle lamb. This year, ICB is encouraging bookkeepers from around the globe to “raise a cup” to one another in the form of local Coffee Meetups. This Wednesday, September 14, 2016, bookkeepers from Minnesota to Madagascar will gather in coffee shops to toast one another’s accomplishments and celebrate the work they’ve done over the past year.

Want to win FREE coffee on us?

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Wondering what you should order?

Look no further. We’ve created a special quiz just for you--to match you with your coffee soulmate. Simply answer the questions below, get paired up with your perfect drink, and raise a glass to the amazing bookkeepers out there--including YOU! Don’t forget to spread the word by sharing your results and encouraging your colleagues to participate in Wednesday’s toast!

Share your coffee soulmate (using the images below) on Twitter, tag @TSheets and use #GlobalBookkkeepingWeek, and we'll send you an e-gift card for coffee on us!

 Coffee Soulmates (8)Coffee Soulmates (4)Coffee Soulmates (2)
Coffee Soulmates (1)Coffee SoulmatesCoffee Soulmates
Coffee Soulmates (1)Coffee Soulmates (2)Coffee Soulmates 4.03.59 PM

What's YOUR coffee soulmate? Let us know!

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