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Joseph Patterson | July 16, 2008

TSheets has been receiving quite a lot of great press lately. We’ve been featured on Techcrunch, our CEO Matt Rissell sat down to talk with Robert Scoble. Thank you.

Amongst the hundreds of posts, inquiries, comments, and nods we’ve received, one in particular caught us a bit off guard. You’d think with all the massive ‘tech’ based coverage that this would be the source. Objection, your honor, the witness is clearly being mislead.

Yes, that’s right. Lawyers. No worries, TSheets isn’t being taken to court. Or are we? It seems that while our focus has been on small business owners normally with a mobile workforce (contractors, engineers, etc.), we’ve also got a few fans sitting in the ‘Legal’ seats.

Stephen M. Nipper is a partner at the Dykas, Shaver & Nipper law firm in Boise, Idaho. Not only is he a TSheets customer, but also author of the, covering topics ranging from Patent Law (Mr. Nipper’s specialty) to “Where Lawyers don’t eat”. He caught us a bit off guard last week when he ran the blog post “Online Time Clock for Law Firm Employees”. His legal offices are using TSheets to stay on top of their hours and utilizing our IP address authorize feature. As Stephen points out, this feature allows users to specify IP addresses where employees may or may not clock in from.

While it hadn’t initially crossed my mind to use TSheets in a law office, after giving it a think, the conclusion was obvious: why the heck not? And more so…why the heck isn’t EVERY law firm using TSheets. While Nipper focuses only on the specify IP feature, there are a number of functions that TSheets perform that can be readily used by Attorneys and their offices.

One obvious and very valuable feature that Lawyers could and should use TSheets for is tracking their billable hours. By giving your employees or even yourself a simple to use, intuitive time tracking interface, there’s never an excuse to estimate hours. Utilizing our mobile apps such as Jott or iPhone integrations, lawyers are now never more than a few clicks and taps away from starting the meter running.

A second feature is TSheets ability to export to QuickBooks. While this may not seem like a groundbreaking feature, talk to your accountant at years end and mention that you can’t export your timesheet data to QuickBooks, and you’ve suddenly got a big problem on your hands. If a simple to manage QuickBooks import wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also recently added a .csv raw and .pdf export option. So even if you’re not running your accounts via QuickBooks, we offer you the option to export raw data for your IT department to utilize in databases. Likewise, the .pdf option allows you to create a simple, easy to read (think attach in an email, for example) and familiar pdf format document.

While these are only a few examples of how attorneys and law firms can utilize and better manage their time sheets, there are bound to be an endless combination of uses. It’s always a pleasant surprise for us when we hear of customers using our product in ways that we never expected.

QOTW: Using TSheets varies from industry to industry, how you use TSheets in a unique way?

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