5 Unexpected Connections Made at QuickBooks Connect Rhode Island

Myranda Mondry | January 30, 2015
TSheets travels 'round the country for QuickBooks Connect Local events.
Recently, TSheets was invited to sponsor a QuickBooks Connect Local event in Providence, Rhode Island. As always, it’s exciting to attend any event put on by Intuit for 3 main reasons:      1. Intuit delivers content that is extremely helpful to their customers and business owners      2. The audience they bring in, TSheets PROs included, are wonderful people to connect with and I thoroughly enjoy the conversations brought on by these events      3. The atmosphere (not to mention the delicious food) is great for nurturing old relationships and starting new ones As anticipated, Intuit delivered a spectacular event in New England, just as they have at so many others. The lineup of speakers (including Dawn Brolin, Ron Baker, MB Riamondi, Barry MacQuarrie and Heather Satterely) were energetic, thought provoking, and kept the crowd engaged throughout the event in Providence.TSheets travels 'round the country for QuickBooks Connect Local events.Not only was the speaker lineup stellar, but what a great opportunity to mingle with our amazing partners! This time around I spent some quality time with and of course our amazing friends at Fundera. It’s always great to catch up on what’s new in their lives and businesses. For example, did you know Fundera is launching their app in the Intuit App Center in mid January?! And like most Intuit events, I had a few unexpected connections....Unexpected Connection #1: Bumping into Geralyn ChinStanding in line to climb aboard the second leg of my journey to the east coast, I spotted the familiar Intuit logo on the messenger bag of the passenger in front of me. After a few seconds of internal debate, I summoned the nerve to tap her on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, are you heading to the QBC event in Providence?” Of course she was – and it just so happened to be Geralyn Chin, Senior Marketing Director at Intuit. It was exciting to meet someone else heading to the same event from all the way across the country! Although we weren’t able to chat long at that moment, I was able to spend time with Geralyn throughout the rest of the event and she is absolutely delightful. I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet her. Running into Geralyn reminded me HOW important it is (especially when traveling professionally) to be wearing something branded while you travel. If you know anything about TSheets, you know about our softest t-shirts in the universe (made from real Idaho potatoes - haha, only kidding!) Contrary to popular belief – the TSheets staff IS allowed to wear clothing besides our TSheets paraphernalia, but whenever we are traveling, we all don our shirts. You never know who you are going to run into, whose eye your shirt might catch and allow you to start up a conversation! Unexpected Connection #2: Meeting CharlesCharles is a TSheets client who was asked to join Heather Satterly, of Orefice & Caliri, CPAs during her panel discussion of “What do small businesses want from their accountant?” I knew Charles (CEO of Building ES) was going to be attending the event and was thrilled to finally get to meet him. Unsurprisingly, Charles was a fantastic contributor to the group discussion. His feedback and take on entering the QB Ecosystem and converting his business over to Intuit products were of great value to the other panelists, and the entire audience. I was even able to answer some questions he had about the ProAdvisor program and connect him with a PRO to help with his business. I learned so much and saw potential gaps to be filled in my conversation with Charles. Gaps that, when bridged, will get my PROs so much closer to our end goal. At the end of the day we aren’t here to sell a product, we are here to help small/medium businesses succeed, and I’m thankful we were able to see that with Charles. Unexpected Connection #3: Ron Baker, my new best friendI decided something during my few days in Providence: Ron Baker, (advocate of Value Pricing and evangelist of an ACTUAL petition calling for the “death of timesheets”) and I are going to become best friends. I actually went so far as to tell him at the event this was going to happen and by the end we had sincerely made quite a bit of progress on the BFF front. We had a mutual swag exchange (Ron signed a copy of his book “Implementing Value Pricing” for me, and I gave him a TSheets t-shirt). We also struck up a very insightful conversation about a radio show Ron hosts called “The Soul of Enterprise” on Voice America. At the end of the event Ron was nice enough to give me an iPod shuffle preloaded with every episode of his radio show. I’m hoping Ron will entertain having the TSheets CEO, Matt Rissell, as a guest - the two would be a compelling duo. TSheets’ and Ron’s ideologies doesn’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive but rather just coexist and find a level of symbiosis. Unexpected Connection #4: Birthday phone call to Seth DavidWishing happy birthday to our favorite nerd, Seth David.For those of you unfamiliar with Seth David, owner of Nerd Enterprises and one of my favorite PROs, he is a business savvy machine and a great guy who is loved not only by TSheets but also his clients. While out for our final celebratory dinner, Alison Ball pulled out her phone and roughly 25 ProAdvisors, Intuit employees, CPAs, and vendors called Seth to wish him a happy birthday. Fortunately we documented the moment with these cheesy Facebook shots (don’t mind my overly excited expression). Getting to do something that made Seth’s day, a surprise for all of us to get to connect with a fellow PRO across the country, and sharing that with my colleagues, was one of my favorite moments of this entire trip. Unexpected Connection #5: Lynn, and her sweet messageSo for those of you who don’t live on the East Coast or in the Midwest – I’ll let you in on a little secret: the winter weather is not to be trifled with. It was FRIGID, so much so even the locals complained during our time in Rhode Island. The combination of sub-zero temps in New England and blizzard conditions in the Midwest unexpectedly rerouted and kept me stuck in DC for two days. During my wayward travels I received an unexpected message from my boss, Jen. A PRO I had connected with at QBC Providence, sent a message to our CEO Matt Rissell who then forwarded the message to Jen, and eventually made the rounds through our marketing team. I was so touched that Lynn took the time to reach out to Matt to denote how much she loves working with TSheets, and to acknowledge me. Sometimes people who aren’t in our line of work look at me funny when I say I love working with accountants, but I do, and Lynn is the perfect example of why I do what I do.Just a little advice to end the conversation: Remember to ALWAYS be smiling and friendly to EVERYONE (even if your flight is delayed and cancelled) because you never know what connections might come of your travels.Tell us about your favorite unexpected connection.
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