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5 Guaranteed Ways to Have An Awesome Day

Joseph Patterson | July 31, 2015

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  Emerson was right. You can make every day the best day of the year. You can have an awesome day if you choose to have an awesome day. More often than not, the kind of experience you have is entirely up to you and there are always ways you can tip the scales in your favor. Read on to discover five ways to make certain when asked how you're doing, you can confidently say, "Today is awesome!"

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Here are our top five tips for having an awesome day...

Sleep Well the Night Before

woman-baby-sleepingAs an adult, don't you regret how hard you fought naps as a kid? Sadly, naps are almost non-existent in the adult world, so you really have to maximize your sleep at night. A lack of sleep results in poor decision making, weight issues, decreased athletic performance, and much more. So how do you get the sleep you need to achieve ample levels of awesome during your day? Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Keep it dark. Remove distractions such as televisions and other electronics. Try a bit of light yoga before getting in bed. You're guaranteed to sleep like a baby.

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.


Never give up. 

Have you heard that phrase before? It’s all about owning your power (sometimes in cases when you don’t think you have any). No matter how you feel, put your best foot forward and take ownership of yourself and your day. Show up and be seen by the world.

No matter what.

One of the many things we love about our CX team is their steadfast participation in "Fancy Thursdays." Every Thursday, the entire team brings it. They come dressed to impress! You might not know it because they work on phones or via chat all day with our amazing customers, but they know that when you dress your best, you feel your best and you project that onto others. So be sure and show your best to the world.

Pay Attention

woman-phoneIt’s easy to get so caught up in the so-called monotony of our days that we forget to keep our eyes open to the details. Remember how that stranger held the door open for you at the grocery store this morning? Did your eyes do more than glance at the roses in your yard? Did you spot the new bloom? Think back to when you were a kid and would lie in the grass and look at cloud formations in the sky. Big blobs of white suddenly transformed into birds, hearts, and dinosaurs. It wasn’t what you were looking at, it’s what you chose to see. Make sure you choose to see the beauty.

Appreciate the People Around You

8648030265_9463afbc99_zFriends. Family. Coworkers. Acknowledge when someone works hard. Praise people for their successes. Encourage when there are opportunities for growth. When you feel appreciated, you feel unstoppable and motivated to keep on keeping on. Make sure the people in your life know they're appreciated and that their potential is limitless.
Bonus: The great thing about making others feel good is that it swings back to you. Keep that circle of positivity and appreciation moving. (And yes, free hugs are awesome, too.)

Switch It Up

turkey-sandwichYou DO know that you don’t have to go to that one sandwich shop on the corner for a turkey on rye every single day, correct? You don’t have to get out of bed at exactly 6am. You can take a different route on your way to work. You can walk past the treadmill and pick up weights instead. Make your own lunch. Get up at 5:30am and enjoy your coffee, go on a walk or take the long way to work. It's your life. You get to choose. Getting into routines is a great way to make certain things consistently get done, but be sure to live a little less out of habit and more with intention.

So there you have it.  Five simple ways to make your day amazing. Now, go forth and be awesome.

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