TSheets top 10 iPhone 3G apps list

Joseph Patterson | July 9, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…are you ready? It’s almost here, d-day, or should I say G-day. Yes that’s right, I’m speaking about the brand spankin’ new iPhone 3G release date. If it wouldn’t be a major copyright violation, I’d love to have ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ (the theme from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001) by Johann Strauß playing in the background.

But in all seriousness, with Apple’s next gen iPhone hitting the streets tomorrow, all the hype, all the developer flurry, all the anticipation is about to be unleashed on the global public. Previous iPhone owners were a bit limited by Cupertino on what they could install on their juicy bit of mobile technology. Thus was born the ‘iPhone jail breaking’ industry of unlocking the iPhone (and risking potential ‘bricking’). Not so with the new 3G version. Apple has let third party developers in the door…let the customization begin!

By reading here and there, watching they keynote backwards and forwards, scanning various news articles and press releases and talking to a few developers, I’ve assembled a ‘TSheets top 10 iPhone 3G apps’ list.

  • TSheets – Ok, a shameless self-promotion, but a very valid one nonetheless. The TSheets iPhone application provides seamless integration with your existing TSheets account, gives you the ability to clock in/out from anywhere in the world, manage individual job codes, and keep tabs on all of your employees that are on the clock. Free
  • Mariner Calc – gives you the ability to view and edit excel spreadsheets on your iPhone. It supports spreadsheets with up to 1M rows and 32k columns, multiple sheets in one spreadsheet, and support is available for charts and objects. Cost unknown
  • Typepad – has developed an iPhone specific app that lets mobile bloggers (and shutterbugs) write and shoot to their hearts content. Free
  • FlickrExport – an app that allows users to upload photos taken with the iPhone directly to Flickr. The application can also be used to replace Apple’s built in camera app. Cost unknown
  • AOL Radio – lets your tune in to all 200+ AOL Radio stations and 150+ CBS Radio stations. Streaming is done over WiFi or the 3G network and uses A-GPS technology to find the closest radio station. Free
  • AIM – a new specific for iPhone version of the time tested AIM. Apple demonstrated the app in a March 2008 event, but did not choose to highlight the app at the WWDC 2008 keynote address. There WAS however an oddly AIM like icon residing on the iPhone 3G that Jobs used during his demonstration. The new AIM for iPhone application features live buddy lists and chats in various boxes allowing the user to use their finger to swap between chats. Free
  • Twitterrific – a native, designed specifically for iPhone application for you favorite ‘what is this for exactly?’ application. Cost unknown
  • MetroMagnet – a dream come true for navigating public transportation systems in a foreign city. Magnetism Studios plans to provide maps for New York and San Francisco and Boston down the road. $3
  • Loopt – using the A-GPS technology in the new iPhone, Loopt is a location based social networking tool that lets you see where your friends are and what they’re doing. Think twitter but with A-GPS data. Cost unknown
  • OmniFocus – an iPhone specific app that mirrors their popular task management software for Mac OS X. OmniFocus will use the iPhone A-GPS data and create a custom list of tasks to complete based on where you are. Cost unknown

And these are just a few of the new and exciting applications currently waiting to be released tomorrow. While Apple has had it’s fair share of ‘Slight mishaps’ with getting the first gen of iPhones to function properly, my bet is that it’s going to be a ‘2nd time is a charm’ process for the 3G. So grab that credit card, don’t tell the wife/husband where you’re sneaking off to, and treat yourself. Go grab the hottest bit of technology available at midnight and head to town with an almost unlimited number of third party apps to make your new bundle of technojoy uniquely yours!

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