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Melissa Phy|February 7, 2020

5 ways to keep your scheduled employees happy

Schedules are a part of life. They keep your plans organized, prevent you from double-booking appointments, and help you create a routine. But for many people, their day-to-day schedules are out of their hands. Employers are often tasked with planning out their team’s work schedules, essentially dictating how their employees live their lives. Without realizing it, […]

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Dorothy Chong|January 31, 2020

3 lessons from ‘Groundhog Day’ to help you manage your business

This year, Harold Ramis’s “Groundhog Day” turns 27 years young. In the almost three decades since its release, the movie has garnered a dedicated following. It’s even transcended genres. Entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and religious leaders have shared their takeaways on the experience of protagonist Phil Connor, played by Bill Murray. If you’re looking to spark some […]

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Joseph Patterson|January 29, 2020

20 business, tech, and science podcast picks for 2020

If you’re hoping to expand your knowledge in 2020, there’s a podcast out there for you. Podcasters do all the research for you and deliver the must-know details in digestible episodes. You can learn about everything from the fall of the Mayan empire to the life hacks of people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here at […]

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Myranda Mondry|January 24, 2020

How a higher minimum wage can benefit workers and employers in 2020

“Back to the Future Part II” predicted hoverboards, flying cars, and self-tying shoes by 2015. Today, we’re a little bit closer to producing (granted, less awesome) versions of that tech. But we’re not quite where Doc Brown and Marty McFly predicted we would be. And while they never discussed pay stubs, we wonder what Doc and […]

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Joseph Patterson|January 2, 2020

Why all businesses should track employee time in 2020

Workers tracked over 944.8 million hours in TSheets in 2019.* That’s over 3.4 trillion seconds! Consider our minds blown. As we leap into the new year, new research and a new law are proving that tracking time is more important than ever. Small business owners everywhere will need to consider how they will keep up. Our suggestion? If […]

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Myranda Mondry|December 17, 2019

Want to hire your first employee? Consider these 4 things first.

There comes a time when all small business owners think about hiring their first employee. After all, if you’re serious about growing your small business, at some point, you’re going to need someone to help you.But finding qualified employees is hard these days, especially when you consider the nation’s low unemployment rate. So you need […]

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Myranda Mondry|December 13, 2019

The Canadian employer’s guide to payroll year-end and filing T4s

Canadian employers know that, in addition to holiday parties, the end of the year brings a little song and dance called “year-end.” Not sure what that entails? Read on to find out.At the end of the year, Canadian small business owners have to reconcile and report all payroll contributions and withholdings from the calendar year. But […]

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Myranda Mondry|December 10, 2019

4 ways employee benefits fill your workers’ emotional needs

Employer-provided benefits improve employees’ lives in many practical ways. Dental benefits allow families to visit the dentist twice a year. Retirement benefits help couples save money for the future. Paid time off enables hard-working workers to take vacations. These benefits also fill four deeply held emotional needs:EsteemBelongingPersonal development SafetyAmerican psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is […]

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Myranda Mondry|November 26, 2019

How to market gift cards for your small business

Gift cards are the top in-demand gift this holiday season. Don’t believe it? 59% of Americans plan to buy one—or several—this year, says the National Retail Federation (NRF).Consumers plan to buy three or four gift cards at an average $47 per card, the NRF says. That totals $27.5 billion. With numbers like this, you need […]

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Joseph Patterson|November 19, 2019

Business owners reveal the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship

There are many reasons to celebrate entrepreneurs. Over 30 million of them have opened up small businesses. And they’ve provided jobs for over 58 million people.But entrepreneurship is not an easy path. Opening your own business can be risky. Competition and cash flow are two of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs, according to a 2019 […]

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