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Joseph Patterson|May 14, 2019

Survey affirms accountants are small business superstars

Anybody who has their own company or who has taken the leap into self-employment knows how empowering—and how lonely—it can be to build a business from the ground up. And when you add to that the stress of ongoing accounting tasks required to keep the business organized and profitable, you discover even more challenges that […]

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Melissa Phy|May 10, 2019

Female business owners take the lion’s share of home responsibilities

In a relationship, a 50/50 way of life appears to be the best scenario. Everything split evenly—costs, chores, responsibilities—seems fair, but it’s hardly realistic or romantic. Partnerships are more fluid than that. Sometimes it’s 80/20. Sometimes it’s 30/70. But things can get even murkier when a couple not only has a home together, but they […]

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Joseph Patterson|May 9, 2019

Funding is essential for growth—only 30% get all the capital they need

Going it alone, at the start of business ownership, can be the best way to save money and get your company off the ground. But when it’s time to grow your business, getting funding is a smart way to make it happen faster. In fact, a new survey conducted by Lending Express found that, with […]

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Melissa Phy|May 8, 2019

27% of small business owners were ‘fed up’ with a previous job

Plenty of people have big dreams of owning their own business—and plenty of them also make that dream come true. Their passion was planted in their youth and nurtured through business school. Others realized their side hustle was their true passion and decided to pursue it full-time.But a recent survey by TSheets by QuickBooks showed […]

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Myranda Mondry|May 7, 2019

Mom-preneurs put in 100-hour weeks—and still feel stressed on Mother’s Day

We’re in the midst of National Small Business Week, and over the years, we’ve learned that business owners wake up way too early, work weekends, and don’t vacation nearly enough. But if you can believe it, there’s an even tougher job out there—a job that offers no financial or medical benefits, promotes a grueling work […]

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Dorothy Chong|May 6, 2019

Survey reveals 1 in 10 business owners has disguised their gender

Starting a business is plenty hard. From marketing to staffing, financing to operating, there’s a never-ending list of factors to stay on top of. In honor of National Small Business Week 2019, we asked over 1,000 small business owners about what drives them, what scares them, and what they’ve had to do to succeed.* We […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 22, 2019

5 easy in-office Earth Day ideas from the TSheets green team

Unlike almost any other holiday, Earth Day is a global event. It’s celebrated by more than 1 billion people in 192 countries on April 22, and why not? No matter our beliefs, gender, race, or pronunciation of “tomato,” we all live on the same planet, share the same oceans, and breathe the same air. Celebrating […]

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Skylar Barsanti|April 22, 2019

How small business owners can capitalize on tax refund season

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media & SmallBizDaily.comSpring is in the air—and for savvy small business owners, that means it’s time to market to taxpayers eager to spend their tax refunds. Tax refund spending is an annual ritual, as many Americans count on the money they get back from taxes to finance big-ticket purchases, […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 11, 2019

How US workers dribbled away $12.1B in lost productivity during March Madness

More than a quarter of U.S. employees watched March Madness during work hours in 2019, according to a recent TSheets survey. The impact on business: a loss in productivity worth $12.1 billion.Here’s how we did the math.During the 2019 March Madness tournament, college players competed in 28 games that started during the workday — that’s […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 10, 2019

‘My cat is sick’ and 62 other fake excuses employees give to ditch work for March Madness

After 63 basketball games in the March Madness tournament, Virginia beat out Texas Tech in a dramatic overtime game to be crowned the 2019 NCAA champions.But to get to the final winner, college players competed in 28 games that started before 5 p.m. PT — for a total of 17 hours and 5 minutes of […]

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