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If You’re Not Celebrating National Payroll Week, You Should Be

Myranda Mondry | September 3, 2018

Join us in celebrating National Payroll (and Waffle) Week, September 3-7

These days, it seems like there’s a national, weekly celebration for pretty much everything. In August alone we observed International Clown Week, National Cleanse Your Skin Week, and National Bargain Hunting Week — among others. If you missed these celebrations (and we’re betting you did), September offers four weeks of new opportunities to commemorate everything from fall foliage to truck drivers to deaf dogs. But it all kicks off with our very favorite national week observation: National Payroll Week, September 3-7. Now, I know that doesn’t have the same pizzaz as National Indoor Plant Week (which you can celebrate each year during the third week of September), but bear with us. Payroll is a pretty big deal — it affects every single person who earns and hands out a paycheck (and that includes you!). If you’re a business owner, payroll is how your employees get paid for the hard work they put into your company. It plays a big role in determining both the morale of your employees and the financial stability of your business According to a recent survey* conducted by QuickBooks Payroll, employees say that payday makes them feel better than Christmas. For some employees, payday means they can enjoy a night out on the town after a long two weeks of scrimping and saving. For others, payday represents yet another shovelful from their pile of debt — and if you ask us, that’s definitely something worth celebrating.Of course, there’s a dark side to payroll. For some business owners, just hearing the word “payroll” is enough to evoke feelings of anger and desperation. And it comes as no surprise. The average payroll process can take 10 minutes or more per employee at the end of each pay period. For companies with a higher headcount, payroll can account for an entire day’s worth of work — or more. This week, we’re covering both sides of the coin. Join us each day to celebrate the awesome side of payroll — the side that allows employees to splurge on new outfits and chip away at their debt. Plus, get our insider tips and tricks to help you streamline your arduous payroll processes and avoid the common mistakes that give payroll a bad name. And feel free to celebrate National Waffle Week (September 2-8) while you’re at it.
*Methodology: In 2018, QuickBooks Payroll commissioned Pollfish to survey 1,000 employees (age 18+) from businesses throughout the US about their payday experiences. 
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