Maryland Sick and Safe Leave Laws Are Here — Are You Ready?

Joseph Patterson | February 10, 2018
Ready or not, new sick and safe leave laws are here. If you’re an employer in the state of Maryland, it’s time to update your sick leave policies to comply with the state’s new law. As of Sunday, February 11, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act will require employers with 15 employees or more to accrue paid sick and safe leave at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked. If a business employs 14 or fewer employees, employers will be required to grant employees unpaid sick leave.Under the law, sick leave shall be granted to employees to:
  • Care for a physical or mental illness, injury, or condition.
  • Seek preventative medical care for themselves or a family member.
  • Care for a family member with a physical or mental illness, injury, or condition.
Meanwhile, safe leave shall be granted if the leave is associated with domestic violence, assault, or stalking against an employee or an employee’s family member. Safe leave may also be used by an employee or an employee’s family member to:
  • Obtain mental or medical health attention related to domestic violence, assault, or stalking.
  • Obtain services from a victim services organization.
  • Obtain legal services, attend legal proceedings, or temporarily relocate.
Recently, the bill has been at the center of confusion for business owners who are getting ready to comply. Only a few days ago, the Maryland Senate voted to push the effective date of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act out to July. That vote to delay went to the House of Delegates who have made it clear the delay will not pass. As of this writing, the effective date remains February 11, 2018. If you have specific questions about your business’s situation, email  

What can Maryland employers do today to prepare?

If you haven’t already taken a look at your existing sick leave policies, now is the time. Examine your existing sick leave policies, and determine how your company should grant sick and safe leave based on your number of employees. Make sure you’re accurately tracking employee time to determine accrued sick leave. To make sure your employees are getting exactly the right amount of sick leave for the hours they work, upgrade your time tracking process to an automated system like TSheets by QuickBooks. TSheets is accurate-to-the-second and allows employees to access their available PTO and sick leave balances. 

Need more resources?

Get more information on time tracking, including tracking and calculating employee sick days and other paid time off here.Need help setting up your TSheets account to track sick leave? Call us at 888-836-2720.For more information on paid time off, check out our PTO resources here. Not in Maryland? See sick leave policies in Arizona, Chicago and Cook County, Minneapolis and St. Paul, and Georgia. 

TSheets tracks accurate-to-the-second time for accurate PTO and sick leave accruals — free for 14 days!

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