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12 things you could do with the 3 hours you’ll save with TSheets

Katherine McBeth | March 10, 2020
Automated time tracking and automated payroll are a match made in heaven. Business owners who use TSheets for time tracking report saving 3 hours, on average, every time they run payroll.* When they don’t have to chase down timesheets or fumble with manual time entries, business owners can spend more time growing their businesses. And when you combine the benefits of automated time tracking with automated payroll, there’s so much more to love. “TSheets and QuickBooks have given me more time, that’s for sure,” said Jesse McKinney, co-owner of the beauty startup, Red Aspen. “What used to take me half a day now probably only takes me an hour, an hour and a half…Time is precious, and I think that TSheets and QuickBooks give me more time.” But now that you have all this extra time, what should you do with it? Here are 12 suggestions to get you started. 

1. Spend more time with your family and loved ones

Business owners were asked what they would prefer to do instead of payroll. The majority (56%) would rather spend more time with their families, according to a QuickBooks Payroll survey. One TSheets customer had a similar response.“We started out with paper time cards. I probably spent three hours of my week just trying to add those up,” said Caleb McKim, co-owner of Flying M Coffee and proud father of three. “Going all-digital has given me back three hours of quality time with my family.”  

2. Teach your employees something new

Spending more time with your employees gets increasingly harder as your business and team grow. With three extra hours in your day, you could spend time training new employees. You could also teach existing employees something new or just catch up with them all.  

3. Take a 3-hour boat tour

Let’s just hope you’re not stranded on a deserted island.  

4. Improve your product offerings or services

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to dedicate time to improving your business’ offerings, now’s your opportunity. 47% of business owners would prefer to spend their time on this instead of payroll, according to the QuickBooks Payroll survey. Dive into some reviews and research your options!  

5. Get a manicure and a pedicure

Look, you work hard. As two wise people said, “Treat yourself!”  

6. Create and post a ‘help wanted’ ad

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your twentieth, use your extra time to make sure your job posting is perfect. 

7. Play a round of Monopoly with your team

If you enjoy crunching numbers, use your free time to play a game of Monopoly with your team. Might as well enjoy your free time together. 

8. Book more events and clients

“Payroll [now] takes me probably about 20 minutes total,” explained Emily Pelsma, office manager for 3 Girls Catering. Emily compared saving three hours a week with booking seven more client events. “[That] can be up to $15,000 or more of revenue for our company. That’s a big deal. That’s keeping all of us in business.”  

9. Give your building, home, or office some TLC 

Chances are there are some things around your office you’ve been meaning to fix. Whether it’s fixing the leaky faucet in the bathroom or changing a few lightbulbs, your business deserves some TLC. 31% of small business owners would prefer spending their time on maintenance and repairs instead of payroll, according to the QuickBooks Payroll survey. 

10. Run a half-marathon

If you run a mile in 12 minutes, you could finish the half-marathon in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. That still gives you time to stretch beforehand and catch your breath when you’re done. Not into running? Use your three hours to join a community league or try a new hobby. We believe in you!  

11. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank

Giving back to your community is like chicken soup for the soul. Even better, organize a volunteer event for your entire team. Volunteerism plus team building? That’s a win-win. 

12. Throw a party for your employees

You and your team deserve to celebrate. After all, y’all are crushing it! 
*TSheets surveyed 4,906 customers in the U.S. in December 2019. On average, businesses that report gross payroll time savings save 3.15 hours.
A little about Katherine McBeth

In a previous life, Katie was a freelance writer for various blogs on the web, and prior to that, she was a bookseller at a small indie bookstore in Boise. She loves reading, listening to podcasts, and walking the foothills with her rescue pups. On a typical weeknight, you can find her snuggling with her three cats, two dogs, and partner while watching professional wrestling. She’s proud to be a member of the TSheets by QuickBooks team and is determined to keep all the plants in the office alive and healthy.

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