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Late to Bed, Early to Rise

Joseph Patterson | April 30, 2018
National Small Business Week 2018

For small business owners, getting the job done is about putting in the time

Carpe diem. It’s not just a slogan for yoga mats and motivational posters. Translated, it means “seize the day”! And according to our recent Small Business Week survey, a lot of business owners are waking up at dawn to do just that. It makes sense. The opportunity for success is both a blessing and a curse. Your passion for the work can either drive you on or burn you out. No wonder 40 percent of small business owners say thinking about work keeps them up at night, multiple times a month or more. But late nights don’t necessarily lead to late mornings, at least according to our survey data. In fact, while 1 in 3 respondents says they get up at 6 a.m. for work each morning, another 1 in 5 crawls out of bed even earlier — around 4 or 5 a.m.! And business owners aren’t just early to rise. With 1 in 2 reporting they work 50 hours a week or more, it’s safe to say their office is a home away from home. You’ve worked hard, and the numbers are here to prove it. This Small Business Week, why not take an hour to do something you likely haven’t done in a while: Sleep in!

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